Monday, March 2, 2015

Little G's First Photo Shoot

When Little G was just 4 days old we went to a friend of mine's photography studio to get his newborn pictures done.
I stood behind her and snapped a few pictures from behind the scenes. 
And here is the final product.  Pretty amazing, huh?!?!?!?
When they are newborns its amazing how they look a little different from each angle.  In some pictures I see him looking like Bubby, and in other's he looks like Sissy.
And then in other's he just looks like sweet Little G.  So in love with this little face.
Thankful for these pictures to be able to remember his first sweet facial expressions.
Handsome in blue.
And our classic picture that we have had taken of each of our kids.  You can compare him to the other two kiddos below.  When we get this picture in black and white it will be hard to tell the three apart.
Sissy G
Bubby G
This picture is probably my favorite because it has all three of my kiddos in it.  I'm thinking I will be needing a big one of these to put on our wall.
This picture is precious to me because it shows just how much these two adore each other.  I'm hoping I have enough wall space for every one of these pictures.  They all mean so much to me.

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