Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Three Kids Three & Under

Our three precious kiddos have been enjoying a lot of time together these days.  Little G is given a lot of lovin by his siblings daily and the two older ones are pretty used to having a baby around the house now.
Sissy loves holding her baby brother now too. 
Bubby was reminding Sissy to support Little G's head and Sissy was handling it like any little girl would handle a boy telling her what to do.  She was putting her hand up and yelling "Stop" back at her brother.
Which turned into Bubby pointing at her and telling her not to tell him to stop.  That didn't stop Sissy though. 
Oh....Precious memories. 
One amazing thing that happened early on was that when we laid Little G on his belly for the first time at five days old....he rolled over.  And he is actually rolling over every time we put him on his belly.

Video of Little G Rolling Over At 5 Days Old

Passed out on mommy and daddy's bed.  Talk about being relaxed.
Although, sometimes I think the noise level might be a bit much for him.
Goofy big brother had a bit of trouble getting his jammie shirt on.
This was one of the sweetest moments....watching the kids pretend to feed their baby brother.

Video of Kids pretending to feed baby brother

As the days have gone on we have been seeing more of Little G's eyes.
Snuggling up with his brother.
And with his sister.
We had a big snow day, too, which resulted in a snowball fight...
Snow angel
And building a snowman....
Not too shabby.
Big girl brushing her teeth.  She seems all grown up to me now.
Even wanting to pick out her own lunch.
Now to see more of those baby blue eyes.
I love seeing all of his different facial expressions.
When he wrinkles up his forehead he looks like a little old man.....in a cute way.
All bundled up.
Goofy big brother decided on this particular day that he needed a blind fold to help him sleep for his nap.  The things kids think of.
Our lil cowgirl.
Trying to get some privacy while playing with the IPad....I guess the bathtub will do. 
One thing is for sure....everybody in this family thinks that little brothers rock.  It has been so much fun getting used to being a family of five and having three kids three and under.

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