Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Catching Up Again

 It is time to once again get caught up on all the pictures I've taken over the last month or so.  How is it that I get so far behind on posting??? So ready or not....Here comes 91 pictures of the last month.  How about starting with Little G conked out in his jumper at Nana and Gampa's house while we all got ready for the Hoffman rummage sale.
 If you look really close you will see 3 baby birds that fell absolutely in love with Bubby G.  They would actually follow him around the backyard when he would call for them.  It was the cutest thing and Bubby G loved it.  Bubby G is sitting next to me while I type this and wanted me to tell you that he also would tweet at them to make them follow him.
 This was during a potluck at our church.  The older kiddos were upstairs playing and I got a chance to take some pictures of Little G sitting on the stage.
 Enjoying a bath in the sink.
 Unfortunately, during the last month Sissy G has gotten sick twice.  Poor girl threw up more times than I can count, but she enjoyed getting to sleep in Mommy and Daddy's bed.
 Sissy G playing with bubbles from our dishwater.  She's a silly girl.
 My boys posing for a picture.
 Trying to get a picture of all three kiddos.....Poor Little G was getting the choke hold.
 Sitting up and cheesing.
 Love this smile and the cute way that he is sitting.
 Grocery shopping with these two cuties.  I love the double seats they have in the shopping carts.  Makes life so much easier.
 Someone the other day met Sissy G for the first time and by watching her for just a few minutes they concluded that she is an "angelic pistol."  They said that she is super cute but can tell that she is a spit fire.
 They have no idea how perfect that nickname is.
 Standing up against the couch and looking out the window.
 Happy boy.
 Bubby G's new toy.....the Battle Rover.  He sold several of his toys that he doesn't play with anymore at the rummage sale and used that money to buy him one toy.  This might possibly be the coolest toy ever.  And Bubby G wants me to tell you that "it even makes sounds.  And it also lifts up the ship."
 Don't you just love when your cheeks are so big that it squishes together your mouth when you sleep?
 All clean after his bath sitting in Mommy and Daddy's room.
 Trying to eat his toes.
 One of my favorite pictures of all three kiddos.
 Group hug.
 Out picking tomatoes from our garden.
 Bubby G holding sweet Honeylemon.
 They are crazy about this bunny.
 I think we let this cucumber grow a little bit too big.
 Conked out.
 We got to go on a play date and went on a walk through the forest.  These kids had a blast.
 All of them circling around a turtle.
 We recently got to celebrated my nieces birthday.  Nine years old.
 Happy Birthday sweet girl.  We love you so much.
 No matter how hard we tried we could not get Sissy G to smile.  The lil stinker.
 Sleepy head in the morning.
 This lil girl has gotten really good at using the potty.  We are diaper free in Sissy's world....
 We got to visit our family up north and captured this priceless picture of two cousins.  Cute, Cute, Cute!!!
 The men enjoying some RBI Baseball on the Nintendo.
 All five cousins.
 At a friends birthday party Little G was starting to get fussy so I put him in the swing and he perked right up.
 But then the next thing I knew....he was closing his eyes.
 And slowly falling fast to sleep.
 Not sure how that is at all comfortable.
 Another sleeping picture sitting with Nana at church.  Those chubby cheeks crack me up.
 A proud lil boy of the letters he wrote on his play set.  He is getting really good at writing his letters.
 The two littlest ones playing together.
 Okay.....WARNING.  Sissy G had an accident with a porch swing that came back and popped her in the nose.
 When it started swelling really bad we decided to head to urgent care to make sure that her nose wasn't broken.
 When we walked into urgent care they said that we needed to take her to the ER because they were afraid of bleeding on the brain.  Talk about making your heart stop.  So to the hospital we went.
 Sissy with her Nana just before taking her X-rays.
 Sissy did so good listening and following directions with the x-rays that the technician gave her all the stickers they had.
 And one by one we started putting the stickers on her shirt and shorts while we waited for the x-ray results.
 Eating an apple and watching Gampa's phone.
 Daddy and Bubby G were at his school picnic so Nana and Gampa helped me out at the hospital.  Praise God that her nose was not broken and we were able to head home.
 The next morning she was already looking better.
 Bubby G packing his backpack for his first day of school.
 Sissy loves pretending to be Hulk.
 Doesn't seem possible that he could be starting preschool already.  He was beyond excited and ready for this new adventure.  I was not excited or ready.... but I know this is all part of the growing up process.
 Finding his cubby to put his backpack in.
 On the same day, Little G turned 6 months old.  Where has the time gone?
 Marley waiting for Bubby G to get out of school.
 There he is!!!! My big preschooler.  He came running into my arms and was so excited to tell me all about his day.
 6 months old so we decided it would be time to start some cereal.  He wasn't too sure at first.
 And even though he spit most of it back out.....he seemed to enjoy it.
 Our first attempt at playing Pictionary as a family.
 Bubby G got it right and was pumped.
 A little girl walking her dog.
 Poor girl got the flu again and once again spent a whole day puking.
 It is so sad watching her be sick.
 It lasted 24 hours and we are glad that she is back to her normal self again.
 She even got her second haircut.  Just a little trim off the ends.
 Doesn't she look cute?
 Taking Mickey for a walk.
 Our little Michelangelo.
 Saddest little face in the whole world.
 Little G at his 6 month doctor appointment.  He was 21 pounds and 27 inches long.
 I tried once again to get a picture of all three kids.
 Sissy was cracking me up with her smile.
 A little wind in his hair.
 Some tummy time.
 Growing up too fast.
 Family tummy time.
 I walked into my room and found Sissy G sitting with a bag of Doritos in the baby's chair that is propped up against the wall.  An angelic pistol.
 Going for a walk with Nana on a beautiful day.
 With the change in weather we noticed Bubby G's asthma starting to act up.  By the time we got to the doctor he was really struggling to breath.
 His oxygen level was down to 86 and the nurse said that it needed to be at least at a 95.  So we got back on his steroids and inhalers.
 Pretty girl wearing a necklace that Bubby G made for her at school.
 Bubby doing one of his breathing treatments.  I was so glad to see him breathing normal again.
 Sleepy head.
 Sitting up in the bath for the first time.
 My two boys.... a little goofy but still cute.  We pulled the old walker out for Little G to ride in and it looks like he is going to be enjoying it.
 I also gave up on baby food.  I've tried for a few weeks to get him to eat baby food and he had no intention of swallowing it so last night I gave him cut up green beans.
And he actually swallowed them.  Woohoo!!!!
Glad to get you all up to date on the happenings in the G household.  I'm hoping to stay on top of things a little better from now on.  God bless you all.

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