Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Tomatoes, VBS, & the Dentist

 This big boy is turning 5 months old in just four days.  Ahhhhh.....time please slow down.  I love this age of him talking and smiling and giggling but not yet crawling all over the place. 
 Bubby G got to go to a couple nights of VBS at his cousin's church.  Here he is with his age group posing for a group photo.  It was funny watching the adults trying to keep the kids standing still long enough for a picture.
 Sissy got in on this fun.....building blocks.
 I absolutely love this picture. 
 Sissy hanging out with daddy while we wait for Bubby to get done.
 Back inside Little G was getting a new look. 
 Our garden is finally starting to produce some cucumbers and tomatoes.  You can kind of see a little hand reaching down to grab a cherry tomato.
 That look makes me think the tomato was pretty tasty.  I wouldn't know because Bubby has eaten every one of them before even walking out of the garden.
 But he is very excited about having his own garden.  He tells me all the time that him and Gampa worked very hard on this garden.
 Our bunny, Honeylemon, is still doing good.  Enjoying some watermelon in this hot weather.
 Last but not least....Bubby had another trip to the dentist.  The last time he went back in November he was terrified and would not cooperate at all.  This time it was the complete opposite. He did amazing.  He would talk to the dentist and answer their questions and do everything that they asked of him.  He even let them take x-rays of his teeth.  I'm glad to say that everything looked good and there were no cavities.
 He was cheesing really big waiting for the dentist to get there.
 They gave him sunglasses to use so that the light wasn't as bright in his eyes.
 She was talking to him all about the Ninja Turtles and Spiderman.  It was perfect.
 Look at this big boy letting her clean his teeth and poke around and everything.  I was so proud of him.
 While we waited for his x-rays to develop he got to play a video game.
 Thumbs up from my big boy.
And thumb sucking from my lil boy. 

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