Friday, July 10, 2015

Miner's Game

 I am blessed to get to spend every day with this big boy so when the opportunity came for Mr. G to have two tickets to a Minor League game we both agreed that it would be fun for him to take Bubby G with him.  To say that Bubby was excited would be an understatement.
 Hitting the road for the game.  I'm sharing with you the pictures and stories that were shared with me when they got back home.  And from my understanding these two guys spent the entire trip down there rocking out to some music.  It is funny because now I will hear Bubby singing the words to a Cold Play song while he is walking around the house. 
 Looks like they got there a lil early but Bubby is still very excited.  What was extra neat about this day was that the theme for the day was super heroes.
 And look who was big and brave enough to stand next to Hulk.  I was so proud of this boy.
 Bubby had a blast with his dad.  They had a big hill at the ballpark that he ran up and down.  He got to pick out prizes and play in a jump house and meet lots of super heroes.  And from my understanding he even met a girl.  (I'm not ready for that) I think he might've watched a lil bit of the game.  Maybe.
 They did have a few showers that day but it left them with a beautiful rainbow to just top off the day.  As Mr. G said, "It was THE perfect day."
 Back home I got to hang out with these two rascals....which was a lot of fun.  Sissy loves being a big sister.
Conked out and heading home.  I'm so thankful that my kids have such an amazing daddy who truly cherishes each one of them and devotes so much time and energy into his relationship with them.  He is one of kind.  I'm glad these boys enjoyed their outing together and I'm pretty sure there will be more outings in the near future.

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