Thursday, July 9, 2015

Fireworks 2015

 It's that time of year again.  The Fourth of July is by far my favorite holiday and the day has gotten even more fun with having these three rascals around.
 We aren't real big on selfies but it's a special why not. 
 On July 4th we were invited to a friends house to watch the fireworks from their front yard.  There lil boy is crazy about our Little G.  We had literally just walked in the door and he was ready for some Little G time.  They are too cute together.
 A peak at the kids table during dinner time. 
 It was Little G's first Fourth of July and as usual he was flashing his smile at anyone who would look his way.
 It's getting dark....almost time for fireworks.  I don't think this boy could've been any more excited.
 Sissy was clinging to daddy at this point....she likes her snuggles when it gets close to bed time.
 Our friend was passing out glow sticks and necklaces and the works.  The kids were pumped.
 Daddy and his kiddos.
 He was ready for the show.
 Bubby kept looking up at the sky waiting for he fireworks to begin.
 Sissy watching fireworks on her daddy's lap.
 Probably my favorite shot of the night.  Bubby with his friends watching the fireworks off in the distance.  They had so much fun.
 The grand finale.
 You can tell it had been Fourth of July.  I took this picture about 1am....and the glow sticks were still glowing.
 The next night we went to our annual fireworks show where Mozzie lives.  She was getting in some cuddles from Little G before the fireworks started.
This picture is a classic of my grandma and her best friend with their two great grandsons that are just a month apart in age.  Forget the fireworks....I think these Grandmas would be happy just holding their grandbabies.
 Missing the two older ones who were off swinging on the playground with Nana and Gampa but it was still a cute picture. 
 Bubby G and his big cousin decked out in their red-white-and-blue attire, ready for the fireworks.
 A great picture of Nana and Gampa.
 Finding her spot on the blanket. 
 Sissy G and her uncle.  It is funny to watch my brother try and try again and again to get Sissy to like him.  I think she does like him but she still acts like she's not too sure.  She's got this playing hard to get thing down. 
 All of the girls with Nana except we are missing the youngest granddaughter who is in Kansas.
 Me and my girl getting excited about the fireworks.
 The boys enjoying some popcorn before the show.
 She has that tired look going.
 Nana and Little G all smiles.
 The fireworks started and this time we were right underneath the fireworks so I was concerned on how Little G would do.  But he didn't cry once.  His eyes would get big with the big booms but he didn't seem upset by it.  Bubby G and Sissy G at times needed some reassurance when the fireworks would get real loud.  Sissy went from lap to lap through the entire show. 
 Have I mentioned that this is my favorite holiday?
 Classic picture.
I hope they are always this close.
 A picture of all the kids with their Nana.  We hope that someday my brother from Kansas and his family will be able to make it for the fourth so we can have the whole gang together.  These kiddos sure do love their Nana.
Happy July 4th!!!

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