Thursday, June 25, 2015

Sissy G Turns 2

 There are some things in life that you just never forget and one of those is giving birth to each one of your children.  You can have 19 children but you will still remember each birth vividly.  One thing I will never forget is the fact that after she was born we got a good look at her umbilical cord and in it was a very tight knot.  The only thing my midwife could say was that I had a miracle baby.  I still get teary eyed thinking about that moment when my lil girl was laying in my arms crying and healthy and then looking back at the umbilical cord and knowing that things could've been a lot different.  But PRAISE GOD she was healthy and still is healthy.  Let me take time to give you a lil more insight into the life of our second child.
She goes to the beat of her own drum.  Even if that means brushing her teeth out on the front porch in the morning.  She doesn't mind doing things a little different from everyone else and in fact seems to enjoy trying something new that no one else has tried yet.  In her mind....why wouldn't you brush your teeth outside.
 She loves the outdoors and getting messy.  She's starting to get an imagination and would love to serve you up some rock/mud soup.
 I'm seeing a big change in her appetite.  Where as before food came before all else....usually now she will choose playing over eating.  Here she is eating her lunch on a Saturday at the ballpark watching her cousin play baseball.
 She loves being a sister.  She often wants to hold her baby brother and is very gently with him.  Her favorite person in the whole world, though, is probably her big brother.  She does everything he does and is quite the tomboy because of it.
 She has a thing about baby wipes.  Or maybe its a thing with messes.  Either way she likes to take each baby wipe out of its container and spread it all around. 
 Have I mentioned her love for mud? I'm sure she' no different than most two year olds but she will walk through the mud....never around the mud.
 Ohhhhh....and the time she tried to be helpful and bring me an opened box of spaghetti noodles.  She thought it was the greatest thing in the world when they spilled all over the floor.
 Although her efforts in cleaning it up weren't the greatest.  Definitely laying down on the job.
 This lil girl is a social butterfly.  She loves other kids and usually fits right in.  Here she is with a group of girls at our church.
 This is early in the morning....sitting on the counter waiting for mommy to make her breakfast. (The clock in the background is not the correct time) I love her early morning...sleepy head look.  To me its precious.  She's still a bit tired so she's moving around slowly and has big bright sleepy eyes and wants lots of lovin' from her Mama.
 She got new boots recently and wears them all the time.  Did you know that pink rain boots with horses on them go with every outfit?  When you are two they do.  She's sitting here at the library reading about fish.  Don't be fooled though....she may look quiet but she was most definitely not.  She was reading and talking very loudly but thankfully no one in the library seemed to care.
When we got inches upon inches of rain the last week we had put on our rain boots and gone out to feed our bunny.  Both kids started begging me to let them jump in the mud puddles.  They still had their jammies on but I're only a kid once....and so they had a blast in the rain, in their jammies, jumping in puddles. 
 Party Time.  Sissy G got to have two birthday parties this year and her birthday theme was Tinkerbell so she got to dress the part.
 She wore the outfit and the wings the entire time and loved every part of it.
 This lil (big) guy dressed the part too being all fashionable with a tie.
 We had lots of flowers and garden themed foods and decorations. 
 Two lil Tinkerbells enjoying some blueberries.
 Little G flashing Mama a smile while his aunt is holding him.
 One of Sissy's presents was an outdoor kitchen that my aunt made for her.  It turned out great and Sissy absolutely loved it.
 Taking time during her party to water the weeds.
 Finally a picture with Bubby in there.  They were watching the Avengers and both Sissy and Bubby were pretending to be Hulk. 
 Time to open presents.  You can tell that this lil girl hadn't had a nap.  She had that sleepy look going on.
 Checking out her first gift.
 I want to brag on my Bubby G for a second.  There was a lot of chaos going on at this time.  People trying to get pictures and kids running around but this boy sat down with his sister and I could hear him talking her through how to open the presents.  He would tear a small part of the paper to show her how and then say...."Here you try"  or "Tell them thank you, Sissy."  He was helping and making the moment extra special and all about her.  I was very impressed with him doing that for his lil sister. 
 Time for "cake-cake" as Sissy likes to say.
 What a ham.  She enjoyed every bit of that birthday song and birthday cake.
 Time to brag on Sissy for a bit.  She has been doing really well with the potty training lately.  She had a diaper on all day but would come tell me when she needed to go potty and we would go in her room on her lil Minnie Mouse potty chair and go potty.  She's definitely getting the hang of it.
 One of Sissy's presents was a bubble machine.  The kids were very excited about trying it out.
 Millions of bubbles everywhere.  It was a kids dream.
 Party number two and cake number two for birthday number two for kid number two. 
 All the kids enjoyed our new playground set.  It was finally not raining and the ground had dried up some so the kids could run all around our backyard. 
 Lil Sissy G got more presents.... She was a blessed lil girl.
 Smiling with her big cousin waiting for some cake.
She was enjoying listening to everyone sing Happy Birthday to her.
 Look at this big girl blow out candles.
 Bubby was pushing her head closer to help her blow out the candles.  
 Group photo of all the kids at the party.
And a special close up of these two. 
Thank you, Lord, for my precious two year old baby girl.  She's becoming an amazing and neat lil person full of fun and smiles and a bit of drama, but I love every minute with her.  She's going through that hard stage in life where you learn about the word "No" or how to share but I'll take this stage in life any day.  We are understanding more and more of what she says and its a blast to get to see what her lil mind is thinking.  These last two years went fast and I'm definitely ready for time to slow down but with this lil family of mine I have a feeling nothing is going to slow down for a while.  I'll just sit back and enjoy the ride.
Happy Birthday Sissy G!!!

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