Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Bubby G Turns 4

 These birthdays roll around way to quick in this house.  How in the world is Bubby G already four years old?  I still remember vividly the day he was born and the anxiety, and excitement, and huge responsibility I felt.  And none of that has changed over these last four years.  But the best thing of all is seeing my lil guy start to grow up to be the lil person I had prayed that he would be.  He has that heart of gold that I prayed for everyday when he was in my womb.  He is learning more and more about God and starting to understand that God is the foundation of our home.  He wants more than anything to grow up to be just like his daddy but he still loves to be around his mom.  We've shared many heart felt talks already and I am learning more about him everyday.  He makes me smile and makes me proud.  I can't imagine life without this sweet boy.  Just like the song that I quietly sang to him in the hospital room on the night he was born.... "When God made you, He must've been thinking about me."
This year Bubby got two birthday parties to celebrate him turning four.  This first one was a couple weeks early because that was the only time my side of the family could all get together. It was a beautiful day and the kids enjoyed a lot of time outside playing in our new sandbox and our new playground set.
 Sissy G pretending to feed her big cousin some sand to eat.
 My oldest niece with Little G.  I absolutely love this picture of these two.
 These two are not only cousins but good friends. 
 Bubby's birthday theme was Ninja Turtles and so Little G had to dress the part.
 Group photo of some ornery ladies plus Little G.
 The birthday boy standing next to his favorite Ninja Turtle.
 I thought it was cute seeing these boys sitting outside eating dinner just talking.  They are growing up way too fast.
 Time to open presents.
 This lil guy had been looking forward to this since Christmas.
 I was shocked when Bubby told Nana he wanted Scooby-Doo stuff for his birthday considering we have never watched the Scooby-Doo show but Bubby really seemed to like his new toys.
 Birthday cake time.
 He very carefully blew out his candles.  Maybe I should say it here again.....I cannot believe he is four years old.
 Sissy G enjoying some cake.
 While we were eating cake we heard a loud thud on our big picture window.  Turned out it was a bird and the bird was so stunned that he even let my brother pet him.
 We couldn't believe it.
 Fast forward to June 6th, the day before Bubby's birthday, when we went to pick up Bubby's birthday present....a new baby bunny.
 First Bubby named his new bunny Hoppy.  Then he changed it to Hop with the middle name being Hop Hop.  I convinced him to try a different name and he chose Fred from Big Hero 6.  Then when we went to pick up Fred we found out that Fred was a girl.  So we tried to convince Bubby to name the bunny Pepper because he's all black.  But Bubby ended up choosing the name Honeylemon....also from the movie Big Hero 6.
 He loves his new bunny.
June 7th was here and it was time for another birthday party with Mr. G's side of the family and a family friend from up north.
 Our friends showed up first and the kids went running out to see them.
 Showing Honeylemon to our friends.
 While we were visiting with our friends I asked Sissy to show them her Hulk face....she then went in the other room and came back with these teeth and started growling like Hulk.  It was the cutest thing.
 Bubby enjoying some time with his bunny.
 Getting some kisses.
 Time to open presents again.
 This was a castle he had been asking to have for a long time.
 Bubby got lots of neat toys but the last toy he opened wasn't a toy at all....it was actually a fish.
 He was so excited.  We went to the kitchen to get the fish put into his new tank.
 Sissy and her uncle checking out the fish. 
 We got it all put together and set in Bubby's room.  This time it was easy to name our new pet.....Fred....Fred the Fish.
 Birthday cake time.
 I seriously considered only putting three candles on his cake in hopes to keep him three. 
The boys playing together.  Bubby had a wonderful birthday and felt very loved from all his family and friends. 
Happy Birthday Bubby G!!!!

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