Sunday, May 17, 2015

Lots Of Things Going On

It seems like we have had a lot going on this month.  This blog is an attempt to throw a bunch of events together so that I can get caught up.  Things like Mother's Day, a trip to the City Museum, family gatherings, birthdays, and even some simple things like the first time climbing a tree....and much much more.
 We were blessed with a day when my nephew got to come over and play.  I might have mentioned something about this one particular tree being perfect for climbing.  And ever since then both Bubby G and my nephew have wanted to climb every tree they see.
 This girl was too little to climb but she enjoyed running up and down the grassy hill in our backyard.  Talk about a beautiful day.
 My nephew made it up all by himself....but instantly my mind started worrying about him falling out of the tree and breaking an arm.
 A quick picture before I make him get down.

 And then it was Bubby's turn.  I had to help him get up but he was on cloud 9 once he got up there. 
 I guess Sissy G had found Bubby's Ninja Turtle phone and used this time to catch up on her texts...
 and phone calls.
After hanging out in the trees we then went to a store that had Iron Man there.  My nephew had just gotten a Iron Man mask so he was very excited to take a picture next to the "real" Iron Man.  Bubby was very excited about meeting Iron Man until we actually saw him and then Bubby got very scared.
 We got Sissy G to stand next to Iron Man for a picture but she was determined not to look at him.
 Bubby wore his Iron Man shirt and I could tell that he wanted to stand next to Iron Man, but he just couldn't get over the fear.  He told me later that he was afraid that the laser was going to shoot out of his hand.
 He played a game where he threw a football in a hole and won a prize.
 They all three also got a mask. 
 Bubby finally decided that he wanted to get a picture with Iron Man but only if his dad went with him.
 It might not be the best picture but at least he got a picture with a super hero.
 Sissy saying a prayer with daddy before supper.
Little G's first time in the swing and he is all smiles.  He has started sticking his tongue out when he smiles and it just makes his smile even cuter.
 We got to go back up north and visit with family recently.  Little G had grown a lot since they've seen him last.
 Enjoying making Little G smile.
 Precious times.
 Grandma and Sissy G were playing with their dog Chloe and Sissy gave Chloe a hug and it looked as if Chloe was hugging her back.
 Chloe was enjoying the lovin'.
 Ornery grin.
 All the kids had a blast playing together and before we left we sat them all up in the swing and got a cute picture.
 A craft that Bubby G did at church a few weeks back was planting some grass seed.  The lesson had been on Samson and the grass was supposed to be like Samson's hair.  It took a few weeks but Bubby was really excited when it was finally time to cut "Samson's" hair.
 This goofy kid was outside playing with his umbrella.
 It was fun throwing the umbrella up in the air....
 Especially when you didn't know where it was going to land.
 He recovered quickly from the hit in the head.
 Sissy was enjoying pretending to be Hulk around the backyard.
 Nothing like a tutu and a Hulk mask. 
 A Sunday night treat after church while we wait for the men to get out of the elder's meeting.
 More smiles with his tongue out.
 Telling daddy about his day.
 When I lay this lil guy down to sleep at night this is the reaction I ALWAYS get.  And even in the middle of the night I will sometimes look down at him and will notice that he was staring at me and as soon as I look at him he gives me a great big grin.  I sure do love being his Mama.
 We got to spend a morning at a park near St. Louis with a friend of mine and her two little boys. 
 And afterwards we enjoyed a little picnic.  It was one of the first hot days of the year and my kids all went home with bright red cheeks but they had a blast.
 Carrying Little G during an evening walk.
It reminded me a lot of when Sissy G was that age and we were carrying her during one of our evening walks.
Love that grin.
 After our evening stroll we came back to a locked house but luckily we had a window unlocked.
 So daddy brought over the slide...
 And climbed in.  I must add that daddy wasn't very happy with me with choosing to take pictures instead of holding the slide still while he climbed in.  But can you blame me?
 Two thumbs up....we made it in.
 A special thing that happened a few weeks ago was that Bubby went to his preschool for one day as sort of a practice day before he starts in the fall.  This was him writing a letter to his preschool teacher the night before telling her some ideas he has.
 He said he was doing bubble writing. 
 Of course, Sissy G had to pretend to write a letter too.
 We laid out Bubby's clothes the night before but he wanted to sleep in his school clothes.  I told him no because they would get all wrinkled.  He went to sleep disappointed but when I went in to check on him around 11 or 12 he was sleeping soundly wearing his school clothes.  The little stinker.
 He was so excited about going to preschool. 
 Of course, Sissy had to wear her backpack too.

When we got to school Bubby did really good at first.  He ran up to his teacher and gave her a hug and was smiling ear to ear.  Then all the students started surrounding him and saying hi and he instantly burst into a flood of tears.  I think he just got a bit overwhelmed.  When I left he was still huddled up on the floor crying on the teachers lap but the teacher promised me that she would send me texts on how he is doing.
 About 20 minutes later she sent me this picture of him playing.  I was so glad that he was doing good and enjoying himself.
 I waited at Nana's house anxiously for the time to pass for when I could go pick him up.  The hours seemed to take forever.
 The teacher sent me more pictures of Bubby having fun.
And eating popsicles with his new friends.  Apparently he invited all of his classmates over to his new house.
It was finally noon and time to pick up Bubby.  He ran into my arms all smiles and ready to tell me all about his day.  When we got in the van he was talking a mile and minute.  I don't think I've ever seen the little guy so excited.
 The next day we headed to a friends farm.
 I tried to dress the kids for the part.
 I even put Little G in overalls.  Does't he seem thrilled.
 The first thing we got to see were new baby chickens.
 The kids loved the chickens.
 It was a pretty neat deal.
 Watching the robots milk the cows.
 Although I'm pretty sure they had no idea what was really going on.
 I'm thinking I saw at least 10 different cats on the farm and Bubby and Sissy tried their best to pet every one of them.
 Bubby leading the way to the new calves.
 Watching the mommy cows eat.
 I really am curious as to what is going through Sissy's mind at this moment.
 My cheesin' lil farm boy.
 Bubby got to watch the newest calf get bottle fed.
 And why not a picture of a random cow.
 Off to see more...
 Stopping to pet a cat.
 I was trying to get them to stop for a picture.
 This is the best I got.
 Sissy sticking her fingers in the chicken coop.  Luckily the chickens weren't in the peckin mood. 
 Bubby got to help get some of the chicken eggs.
 He was pretty excited.
 Sissy even got to help although we didn't let her hold the egg too long because I could see her throwing it across the barn.
It's always fun to get to go to a farm.  Animals are by far my kids' favorite thing.
 The next day we met some friends at the St. Louis City Museum.
 When we first got there the kids were excited but then all of a sudden something scared Bubby.  He was terrified and wanted to leave.  We tried to change his mind but that wasn't working so daddy and Bubby hung out in the lobby while Sissy, Little G and I went with our friends into the museum.
 The first stop was a big ball pit.  Sissy literally did not move....she just sat there.
 About five minutes later Bubby came running out all smiles and ready to play.  I was so glad that he was able to overcome his fear because I knew it was going to be a fun day.
 Bubby leading the way up these wire stairs.  This is when my anxiety went sky high. 
 I just knew somebody was going to fall and I was pretty sure it was going to be this little girl. 
 Luckily my friend kept close tabs on her while the two dads watched the three older boys and I had Little G.  We were a sight.
 Our friend is laughing here because he knows that Mr. G is scared to death of heights and the boys were wanting to go higher and higher.
 This guy was being completely fearless.
 Once we got up high then the boys got to go down this huge slide.
 I think they had fun.
 A picture of all the kids minus Little G.
 Then we went inside....which I was excited about because surely it won't be as stressful in there.  I was wrong.  This place has tunnels everywhere that little kids can crawl into but not big enough for their parent to follow.  And better yet you have no idea where the tunnel would lead to.  Some of them would take the kids to a floor down or a floor up.  STRESSFUL.  Especially when we had four kids four and under running around.
 Sissy checking out the fish.
 Bubby, Sissy, and our friends oldest boy getting a good view of the fish.  Those fish were pretty stinkin big.
 We were watching this big bucket fill with water and waiting for it to then dump out everywhere.  When it did dump out it ended up scaring Sissy.
 Walking through tunnels.
 We followed behind the boys....but what we did not realize was that the bucket that dumped water dumped it  right where we were walking and before we realized it the bucket dropped again and water came rushing toward us.  I hadn't moved that fast in a long time.
 This was called a Hamster Wheel. Although the boys weren't strong enough to move it.
 Finally we found the toddler zone and all my anxiety subsided. 
 This was definitely more their size.
 They could climb...
 and climb...
 and climb....and they were still right where I could see them.  Made for a happy Mama. 
 But for tired kiddos.
 Can you find our little Sissy G??
 Last Sunday we got together to celebrate Mother's Day.  My oldest niece loves holding Little G every chance she gets.  She's going to be a good mommy some day.
 We had some yummy food.
 And we also got to celebrate my nephew's fifth birthday.
 I love that smile.
 Blowing out the candles.
 My oldest brother is all the time trying to get Sissy to like him.
 I think he's getting closer. 
 Little G snuggling with his aunt.
All the kids enjoyed the day and especially enjoyed the golf cart rides.  They had a blast.
We've had a lot going on this last month and have enjoyed every minute of it.  These are the times of or lives.

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