Tuesday, May 12, 2015


It's pictures like this that made me want to do a post on my kids sleeping.  There is something about a sleeping baby or toddler that just makes your heart melt.  Kids can fall asleep in almost any position.
Here's a good example.  This is Little G resting his face on my chest while he sleeps.  You can see the hint of red in his hair in this picture. 
Nap time picture at our old house. 
This picture breaks my heart because she had been so sick. She had ran a pretty high fever for 10 days straight and we couldn't figure out what was wrong with her. We had to get blood work done at the hospital and the nurses had a terrible time getting her vein.  It apparently wore her out because she quickly conked out after the nurses were done  Bless her heart.
This is a throw back to Sissy G's baby sleeping pictures.
This was her first day home from the hospital. 
And this is one of my favorite pictures of her and her daddy.  So peaceful.
After church one Sunday.
And this is Bubby G just three days after he was born conked out on mommy's lap.  It seems like yesterday.  When it's your first born you spend lots of time cuddling with them while they sleep.
This might possibly be my favorite sleepy time picture ever.  They were sound asleep all cuddled up together in Bubby G's bed.
They were close even back then.
Probably around 8 or 9 months old and sleeping soundly in her crib.  I love those chubby arms.
This was a sick lil boy who fell asleep with his old pacifier...his jammies....and his shoes one.
Sissy cuddling with daddy in the morning.
This is after we visited the Magic House in St. Louis a year ago or so.
It didn't take the kids 2 minutes before they were asleep.
Sleeping with his cellphone in this picture.
She got a lil turned around.
Sound asleep with Marley on his lap.
I thought this picture was funny because she looks like she fell asleep in mid-drink.  I had gone in to check on her in the middle of the night and immediately went back to my room to grab my phone to snap this picture.  Too cute to pass up.
Daddy's mini-me.
By his rosy-red cheeks I'm thinking this lil guy must've been sick in this picture.
Still in the hospital and Little G was sleeping peacefully.
This picture looks so much like the other two but its Little G on the day we brought him home from the hospital.
And there is nothing better than a newborn giving you a sleepy time smile.  So precious.
This was on Mother's Day this year....Little G passed out at the park after a stroller ride.
This was Mother's Day too....on the way home from Nana and Gampa's.  Usually Sissy G has trouble sleeping in the car because she will talk and sing to herself instead of sleep, but this particular day she was so exhausted that she was sound asleep pretty quickly.
This little guy loves sleeping on his tummy.
Especially with his bottom up in the air.
Pacifier must've popped out.
Rocking with mommy in the rocking chair.
Sunday afternoon nap. 
Wrapped up tight in big brother's Thomas the Train blanket for morning nap.
When he sleeps his cheeks get all smashed.
I love sleepy time pictures.
More tummy pictures. 
Bubby G asleep in his Thomas the Train tent for nap time.
A quick snooze before church.
So... lately Bubby G has been wanting to take a nap anywhere but his bed.  He has napped several times on his beanbag. 
Sound asleep in his car seat.
This was about 1:00am when I went to check on the kids and Bubby was sound asleep in his chair.  I guess its a good thing that he can sleep anywhere.
Someday I'm going to miss all these precious sleeping moments when our days will instead be filled with running around for all the kids activities.  So right now I'm going to enjoy these moments and when I can....snap a picture.

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