Friday, May 1, 2015

Goofy Kids

I know that most kids are goofy to some degree but it seems like I have some of the goofiest kids known to man....and I love it.  The things they say and do crack me up all day long.  Right now it's mostly just the older two who seem to be goofy....
But occasionally the littlest one will flash me a goofy look like this and I know that he will be just like his siblings.
So what exactly do I mean by goofy???
We will start off with some mild goofiness like watching Tinkerbell laying like Ms. Sissy G up there.
Or getting a hold of mom's phone and taking a dozen pictures of your feet.
Now lets up the goofiness some to where we search all day for an ant to have as a pet.  We finally catch him Mr. Dirt...and then let him go because we were really hoping for an ant with a blue helmet.
Or choosing a clear container to use as your secret hiding spot so no one can find you.  Apparently he thinks that he can see out but no one can see in.
Eating out is always an experience....especially when mom chooses spaghetti for Sissy G and she decides to eat it like this.
And this boy just loves stickers....especially putting them on his face and arms....(Mind you....he can't stand band aids because they stick to his skin but stickers are okay)
And then there is Sissy G...she likes stickers too.  Just a tad.
How about a side view.  I was finding little stickers in her hair the rest of the day.
I told you how Bubby won't do band aids so every time he gets a scrape he thinks he needs an ace bandage until it heals.
Bubby had a scrape on his knee on this night and I wouldn't let him use the ace bandage.  I was trying to toughen him he walked around the house with his toy gun using it as a cane. 
At least once a week our toys must get a bath in the sink.
And this is the look I get when he accidentally leaves the water running in the sink until it overflows all over the kitchen.
Not sure about this one.  I'm thinking she was on the verge of pretending to be Hulk.
This is the look I get when I get out of the shower and I find 5 empty pop tart wrappers and two kids with pop tart crumbs all over their face.
Or how about the day when Bubby G decided to eat lunch with his feet.
I think I took a picture of him doing it and then told him to never eat that way again.  Probably not the best parenting technique. you can blame me on this one.  I might've been the one who put him in this bonnet.  Mr. G wanted it off of him immediately.  I can't imagine why.
This one was once again my fault.  I was folding laundry and Sissy G wanted the warm blanket wrapped around her.  I thought she needed a washcloth on her head to top it off.  She didn't seem to mind. 
Pretending to be superman in the mud.  Classic Sissy G.
She pulls off the disguise pretty good if you ask me.
Not sure if you can see the fingers coming in under the door but it's both kids outside the door crying while I tried to take a shower. 
Sissy G playing follow the leader with daddy by holding on to the stuffed snake.
And why not end with this perfectly timed picture of Marley giving Sissy G a kiss. 
Do you believe me now that I have the goofiest kids?  And these were just the moments that I got a picture of....just imagine how many actual goofy moments we have.  Let me reiterate that these goofy kids are a blast and I enjoy seeing every little goofy thing they do.

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