Friday, June 12, 2015

Fishing, Baseball, & Swimming

 Summer is definitely here.  After a fairly cool spring we are finally getting to enjoy the hot days of summer.  These three kiddos are excited about the time they get to spend outside.
 Gampa took Bubby G on his first fishing trip of the summer to our local park.  Bubby was very excited about catching fish but he was a bit confused on why we couldn't buy an aquarium to put the fish he caught in and keep them as pets.  I went and visited Gampa and Bubby at the pond to see how they were doing.
 I had been there all of a minute before I noticed this head staring right at Bubby while he was fishing.  This snake did not move for quite a while but eventually swam off.  That pretty much ruined the fishing trip for all of us since all we could think about was where that snake went. 
 Last week we headed up to Peoria to watch the Illinois baseball and softball state tournaments.  We had two kids from our church playing so we were excited to go watch them.  The softball team finished first and the baseball team finished second.
When we first got to the baseball stadium they were blaring music really loud which has a tendency to hurt Bubby's ears so he wasn't real happy in the beginning and spent a lot of time with his ears covered.
 But it didn't take too long for him to start having fun.
 This lil dude was such a trooper.  Never cried no matter how loud it got and actually slept through about half of it.  He's just one of those laid back babies which makes things easier for this Mama.
 The kids sharing a bucket of popcorn and watching the game.
 Sissy G getting a lil extra. 
 Bubby moved on to some chocolate ice cream. 
 Little G talking to Gampa.
 Part way through the game Nana decided to take Sissy and Bubby out to walk around.  I went up to see how they were doing and found Sissy walking around holding hands with not one lil girl....
 but two.
 My lil social butterfly.
 After the game we got an autograph from the pitcher (kid from church)
 This boy is one of the sweetest kids and has been a big part of our church since he was little.  It is neat seeing him grow up and making good decisions.  My kids thought he was a superstar. 
 Group photo before we left.
 A couple days ago we loaded up and headed to meet my sister-in-law and three kids to go swimming at their local pool.  The kids were beyond excited for their first swimming trip of the year.
 Even this lil guy was all smiles.  I love how when he smiles his whole face lights up.
 My oldest niece was excited to get some baby time at the pool.
 Sissy was very concerned about the pool at first.  She didn't want any part of it. 
 But Bubby was all in.
 Catching a mid-air shot of my nephew jumping into the pool.
 Getting some sun.  It won't be long before he's swimming around with his brother and sister.
 Growing up I spent many hours jumping in a pool while trying to catch a ball in the air that one of my brothers would throw.  I'm talking....many hours.  We couldn't just swim.  There always had to be a ball involved.  It's hard to tell in the picture but my nephew is about to jump in the pool and Bubby G was supposed to throw the ball so that my nephew could catch it in the air.  Bubby ended up throwing a rocket right passed him but it was still cute watching them try to play the same game I played so much as a kid.
 Eventually Sissy G started warming up to the pool and she did get in.  However....once she got in the pool I no longer had enough hands to also carry my camera around so the pictures stop here.  But she did have a good time and will probably be ready to jump right in next time we go.
These kids don't sleep much in the car anymore.....and if they do it usually takes hours before they finally fall asleep.  But after swimming for about 3 hours they were conked out pretty quick. 
Summer is already starting off with lots of fun times.  A part of me wants this summer to last forever.

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