Monday, October 31, 2016

Baby G's First Bath

 This was a family affair.  We all squeezed into our bathroom, all six of us, to watch Baby G get her first sponge bath.  Bubby G was my photographer, Mr. G held Little G so he could see, and Sissy G stood close by to watch.
 We got her clothes off and got all our supplies out and ready, but Baby G had no idea what was about to happen.
 Poor girl didn't like the warm water on her.
 I went as quick as I could so I could dry her off and get her warm and toasty.
 No more tears.
 She is giving us a look like, "What in the world are you doing to me?"
 Hard to tell in this picture but I was washing her hair under the faucet.
 Scrub scrub.
 And rinsing the soap off.  I like the goofy faces that Sissy G is making in the background.
 She actually liked this part.
 She preferred to be under the warm water.
 Clean girl.
 But ready for her warm jammies.
 She's sucking on her fingers while she waits for her jammies.
 All done and happy again.
Now that Baby G is home we are back at it with homeschooling.  I'm excited to back at our regular schedule and best of all, I now have energy to keep up with everything and feel good again.  Praise God.

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