Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Halloween 2016 & More

 We took the kiddos to the park.  It has been unseasonably warm this October and the kids were excited to get outside to run around.  This was Baby G's first little outing....and she slept through all of it.
 Two kids on a swing and one on the slide, plus a Nana.
 Bubby G had on some slippery shorts so he was having fun flying down this big slide.
 Sissy's favorite thing to do is swing and she is still doing a great job at it.
 Little G's favorite thing is also swinging.  He is growing up so fast.
 We were a bit worried about what Little G would be like with his little sister.  We've heard horror stories of toddlers being aggressive with newborn babies and since Little G is so energetic, we were concerned what he might do.  But all those fears were put to ease when I saw him crawl up to his baby sister on my bed and start singing his favorite songs to her. 

Video of Little G singing to Baby G

 He truly loves his sister and loves to hold her and to love on her.  We couldn't be more excited and thankful.
 Sleeping with her legs crossed.
 Bubby loves giving kisses and hugs to Baby G.
 When Baby G was almost a week old we went up north to get her newborn pictures done plus some family pictures.  The photographer is a friend of Mr. G's family and has done some pictures for us in the past, but she did a great job with the kiddos.  I was impressed by how much she simply loved on our kids and made them feel special.  This picture above is of Sissy G and Baby G laying head to head. 
 Baby G looked so cute in this pose.  I can't wait to see the finished product.
 This was another cute pose.  She was wrapped up in an old quilt and tucked in like she was in a bed.  Baby G did such a good job sleeping through all the pictures.
 After pictures we went to Mr. G's sister's house for dinner.  They were excited to get some cuddle time with our newest little member.
 Grandma brought Halloween goodies for the kids.
 Grandma helping Little G open his Halloween bag.
 Candy and goodies were poured out all over the floor.
 Sissy was very excited about her new bracelets.
 Asking Grandma to open some candy for him.
 Later that night, Bubby G came down with a real high fever.  I took him the next day to the doctor and he said its a bad virus, possibly RSV.
 He was sicker than a dog.  And the doctor was very concerned with the other three kids getting the virus.....
 Especially this little girl.
 Look how sweet she is cuddling with Little G's bear.
 Showing us a lil smirk.
 So sweet.
 The Friday before Halloween was the night our town did trick-or-treating.  Our neighborhood is the place to go for trick-or-treating, so we were excited to take part in it.  This was Sissy's first look at herself in the mirror with her costume on.
 She was very pleased with how she looked.
 And Little G was Robin this year.  Doesn't he look adorable?
 It's blurry but these two were having fun with their costumes on.
 A very serious Batgirl.
 Unfortunately, Bubby still wasn't feeling good.  We got him to put his costume on but he wasn't excited about it which was really sad since he'd been looking forward to this night since his birthday.
 And Baby G was catwoman for Halloween this year.  She totally rocked her outfit which included cat ears, a cat shirt, and a black and gold tutu.
 The whole crew together.  Batman, Batgirl, Robin, and Catwoman.
 And one more group photo outside. 
 A very serious Batman....and very sick.
 He doesn't look as sick here standing next to all the chocolate eye balls.
 Baby G fell fast asleep as the other kids went out trick-or-treating.  Gampa and her stayed back at the house and handed out candy to trick-or-treaters.
 Ready to get some candy.
 Sissy looking in her bucket to see what her first piece of Halloween candy was.
 Going house to house.
 Bubby only made it to a few houses before he ended up back on the couch at home.
 Sissy felt good and enjoyed hitting up the whole street for candy.
 Earlier in the night we got a picture with our neighborhood friends. 
 The very next morning this was the sight we saw.....two sick kids on the couch.  Whatever virus Bubby G had, now Sissy G had it too.
Sissy had actually even thrown up so we stuck her in the bath real quick to clean her up. 
 An ornery little brother thought the bath looked good too, so while I was putting her throw up clothes in the wash, Little G was jumping in the tub with Sissy....fully clothed.  Sissy was NOT happy about that.
 Big smiles from Baby G while she slept.
 One more little grin.
 The next day I thought that Sissy was feeling better....
 Her and Little G were being very goofy.
 But a few hours later, Sissy's fever returned, and even Bubby G was still fighting it.  This was beginning to be the longest virus ever.
 We decided to go ahead and try to take the kids to trunk-or-treat at my folks' church even though Bubby G, Sissy G, and even Little G had been running a fever that morning.  By that night they were fever free so we gave it a shot.  It was the first chance for everyone at that church to see Baby G.
 Batgirl drawing with sidewalk chalk.
 Robin with daddy.
 Standing in line waiting to get some treats.
 Bubby G and Sissy G listening to Gampa's instructions.
 Everyone found it funny that the dentist in the church brought the most candy.
 Sissy picking out some candy.
 Looking good, pretty girl.
 Little G's turn.
 The last car gave out play dough which made the kids even more excited.
 Three of my loves with buckets full of candy.
 The next morning we were back at school even though all three of the older kids were still sick. 
 Halloween Day we had to put Baby G in her "first Halloween" shirt. 
 Sissy was happy to pose for a picture for me too.
 Showing some lovin to their lil sister.
 Little G was just not getting any better.  His fevers were so high and his little body was fighting so hard that it made him exhausted.  Plus he was waking up a lot at night crying out for water. 
 It was terrible seeing three out of the four kids so so sick.... plus it made for hard long days trying to give them the cuddles they needed plus taking care of a newborn.
 But I was very thankful that this sweetheart was not catching this virus that had over taken our house.
 Bubby doing school and Sissy and Little G were playing play dough....this was one of the moments that all their fevers were down, but that never lasted long.
 Making clay animals out of homemade air-dry clay.
 On November 1st, Bubby had his first basketball practice.  He picked out his clothes and was very excited about going to the rec to practice.
 Sitting with his team listening to the coach.
 Sissy G stayed with our neighbors and Little G stayed with Gampa since he was still running a high fever, but Baby G tagged along with me to see the practice.
 Working on running and dribbling.
 Good job keeping his dribble low.
 Baby G slept through all of it.
 This morning we took Baby G to her first doctor appointment for her 2 week checkup. 
 She was up to 7lbs 4oz and had grown an inch since she was born.  The doctor gave her all good reports.
 We praise God for a healthy baby girl.
She's growing fast, and even though there is a lot of craziness in our house right now with this sickness that just won't go away, I'm still trying to savor every moment of this newborn phase.  It's these moments I never want to forget.

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