Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Cake and Check-ups

 Sissy G is no doubt a born leader just like her shirt says, however, I'm not sure the play dough on the forehead is really gonna be a style that takes off.
 Nana's birthday was coming up and we decided to make her a birthday cake.  The kids were excited to be in charge of it.  First, we had to make vanilla pudding so Sissy poured the pudding mix into a bowl.
 Bubby poured two cups of milk into the bowl....
 And Little G added another cup of milk.
 Sissy started whisking it all together.
 I told Bubby that I needed 8 Twinkies so he started counting them out.
 Now that the Twinkies were out....we had to pause in our cake making and each eat a Twinkie.
 Can you blame them?
 This was probably their favorite part of making a cake.
 Little G and Sissy started putting the Twinkies into the dish.
 Cleaning up Twinkie wrappers.
 Then we took some of the pudding.....
 And poured it over the Twinkies. 
 Then Sissy added some whipped topping on top.
 Little G enjoyed licking the extra whipped topping on the lid.
 We then added some rainbow sprinkles on top.
 We took turns putting a handful of sprinkles on the cake.
 This one made me a bit nervous....
 But all the sprinkles made it on the cake.
 The final product with all three of it's makers.  Happy Birthday, Nana. 
 Later that night the kids were all helping Nana and Gampa make some pancakes for dinner and we later enjoyed us some Twinkie cake. 
 Baby G had just woke up and Sissy was telling her good morning.
 Snuggled up.
 I was doing some blogging and Baby G conked out next to me. 
 Precious sleepy face.
 Little G was enjoying some TV all sprawled out on the coffee table.
 Something about your little one looking up at you with eyes like that.
 This was after her bath.  Her hair was actually a bit curly on top.
 Bubby got to jump for the tip-off of his second game and he did a great job.
 Dad, Little G, and Sissy G enjoying the game. 
 Good stance Bubby.
 Last Sunday, Baby G was a part of the baby dedication ceremony at church.
 She was sleeping for the beginning of church in her car seat.
 We were blessed to have some friends visiting us on that Sunday too.
 Looking cute.
We were the family on the far left of the stage.  It was a wonderful ceremony where we were prayed over and the preacher talked about how we are up here to say that we want to raise our daughter up to know Christ.

 The next morning it was spelling test time.  Sissy wanted to take a test too so I got her a paper out.  She ended up quitting after I asked her to write the letter A, but at least she is starting to show a little bit of interest school.
 She ended up under the pew playing before it was all said and done.
 Baby G was hanging out with me during the spelling test.  She just kind of goes with the flow for the most part. 
 Little G enjoyed finishing up our cottage cheese during the spelling test.
 Bubby did great on his test.  He got two wrong but got the bonus question right and ended up with 100%.
 A few nights ago we drove to meet up with a lady to buy her Christmas tree from her.  After that we ate out with the kiddos at McDonalds.  While dad ordered our food the kids enjoyed checking out the toy display.  I think Little G was trying to figure out how to get to the toys that were stuck inside the display case.
 He is looking more and more grown up.
 Bubby went with me to take Baby G to her one month doctor's appointment.  He insisted on holding Baby G as soon as we got there.
 Just chilling with mom until it was her turn.
 Her mad face.
 Once we were back in the room we got her down to her diaper for her check-up.
 Looking pretty chunky.  She weighed in at 9lbs 6oz and was 21 1/2 inches long which was in the 90th percentile. 
 Bubby wanted more cuddles while we waited for the doctor to come.
 Showing her dimples.
 Looking up at her big brother.
 I love how much he loves his siblings. 
 My helper with racking leaves yesterday.  It was a beautiful fall day and was actually fun racking with him.
 My sweet girl.
 Setting up dinner for her pretend friends.
 He wanted to hold the baby but quickly changed his mind.....
 Can you tell??  Baby G actually looks like she's smiling.
And as for this morning....the living room is covered with toys, Baby G is sleeping in her swing....
And Little G is playing Lego's in the kitchen.  I have two pecan pies to make today plus another dessert.  We have school to do as well, although I think part of school will be Bubby helping me bake.  Let the holiday season begin.

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