Wednesday, November 16, 2016

A Terrible Virus

 Poor lil G struggled for a long time to get better from whatever virus had attacked our family. 
 Each day I would think that surely this will be the day when his fever finally goes down.
 He was so lethargic and only wanted to lay around.
 He laid like this for over an hour on the floor.  He was awake but just didn't want to move.
 He even developed a rash from running such a high fever..... Once I saw that and I saw that his fever just wasn't going away I decided to take him back to the doctor.  When we got to the doctor's office the nurse took his temperature and it was 105 degrees.  I instantly started crying.  I thought for sure he was going to be put in the hospital to get his fever down.  At this point Little G couldn't even walk anymore.  His legs looked like jello when we would try to stand him up and he was letting out this pitiful cry constantly.  He was one miserable little boy.  The doctor did a few tests at the hospital but sent us home saying it was still just a virus that needed to run it's course.  He put Little G on an antibiotic just in case but he really felt it was just a virus.  The very next day we started to see a little difference in Little G....he would have moments where he would move around and act more like himself.  It would only last a few minutes and then he would go back to laying around but I was hopeful that it was a sign that he was starting to get over it.
 We were still homeschooling and trying to keep up with all the daily stuff while Little G was sick.  Bubby G enjoyed making pumpkins from an apple we cut up.
 Baby G was getting more alert each day.
 But she still enjoys her sleep.  We were so thankful that Baby G never got the virus that the other kids had.
 The next day we went for a walk with Little G to give him some fresh air.  He enjoyed it but didn't want to move from that car.
 Bubby has been helping me cook a lot lately.  Ornery boy was about to help me make some brownies for dad before he got home from work.
 He did it all by himself including cracking the eggs. 
 Now anytime I'm in the kitchen he's always asking if he can help.
 I made moon sand with Sissy G.
 It's flour and baby oil mixed together and is meant just to play with.  She loved it.
 The girls hanging out after bath time.
 Her cute little dimple is showing in this one.
 My girls.
 We wouldn't let Little G get too close to the baby since he was sick but he loved laying on the floor with her.
 Baby G looks like she is trying to talk to her bubby.
 Often times I will lay her on her mat on the floor and she will roll to her side and fall fast asleep.  You can tell in this picture that she is starting to chunk up some.  Look at those full cheeks.
 Saturday was Mr. G's day off work and I got to go to the grocery store.  I hadn't been out of the house much since all the kids were sick so this was a treat.  I had Sissy G and Baby G with me and we had a blast.  We were surprised to find Santa walking around Wal-Mart while we were there.  Then when we left we caught him walking out to the road to wave to people.  Sissy was really excited to share the news with her brothers that she saw Santa.
 It had been beautiful outside.  The weather was much warmer than usual in November so the kids were spending a lot of time outside.  Nothing better than playing in the leaves on a beautiful fall day.
 All the neighbor kids were over to play in the leaves.
 Little G still wasn't feeling up to playing but he was starting to show more signs of feeling better.
 Finally, that night he instantly started acted like himself again.  It had been a full seven days of high fevers.  This was all the kids helping daddy put together a dinosaur puzzle.  You can even see Baby G asleep on her mat next Marley.  It was so nice to see Little G feeling good again.
 This picture was taken the next morning.  The boys were still pretty wore out from fighting that virus and needed some extra sleep to get caught up.
 Conked out again.  It's just too dog-on cute to not take a picture of it.
 On Sunday we decided to go to church for the first time since Baby G was born.  Little G wasn't acting too thrilled about it.
 All four kiddos dressed and ready for church.
 Baby G was wearing a little newborn dress that Sissy had worn three years earlier.
 The girls snuggling before church.  I'm blessed that my kids are always wanting to hold the baby.
 Pretty girl.
 In her car seat ready to go.
 All during church Bubby wanted to hold his lil sister.
 She was pretty wore out after church and slept a chunk of the afternoon.
 I love all the many faces that she makes.
 Yes....that is poop on the floor.  I kid you not, this precious little baby shot poop all the way across the room.  It was on me, on the floor, the dresser, and even Sissy's pillow.  I've never seen anything like it.....
 She looks all cute and innocent after the fact.
 We were about to make a fall craft using leaves.  The kids were supposed to make leaf people and this was Bubby showing me what his leaf person was going to look like.
 We glued the leaves on paper and then they added a head and arms and legs.
 Sissy did a great job, too.
 Just chillin' on the floor looking all cute in her jeans.
 Inquisitive look.
 These two cuties were sitting good in the bleachers watching Bubby at basketball practice.
 Our homeschool co-op had a field trip to a local doggie daycare and we were excited to get to go.
 We were even more excited that we got to do it with some of our good buddies.
 This was the big dog area.  Notice my kids right up front getting licked in the face by these huge dogs.  They weren't scared one bit.
 Little G was a little scared at first....
 But he slowly made his way up front to get a look at these big dogs.
 They were beautiful.
 The kids were watching a dog going through obedience training.
 Baby G slept through most of it.
 The outdoor area. 
 It's meant for the dogs to play in but all the kids enjoyed it too.
 All three kiddos helping me make some cookies.
 Adding the chocolate chips on top.
 Bubby had picked out the Christmas chocolate chips to make these cookies with. 
 Red and green chocolate chips....
 The kids enjoyed eating the ones we didn't use.
 Once the cookies were cooked and cooled I let the kids transfer them to the cooling rack. 
 Bubby has been helping out a lot around the house.  Here he is sweeping up the kitchen.
 Because of sickness it took a couple weeks before Baby G got to meet her Mozzie.  I can't even tell you how much it means to me that my kiddos get to know their great-grandparents.
 Snuggled up in Mozzie's arms.
 Boppy got to get some snuggles in too with both girls.  I hope my girls grow up to be amazing women just like their great-grandmas.
 Morning snuggles. 
 I'm all the time hearing, "Can I hold the baby."
 And Baby G enjoys it very much.
 Even though having the kids so close together is a bit chaotic at times, it's special watching them be so close. 
 After homeschool group on Thursday we went to McDonalds with some friends.  Little G was trying to steal some fries.  His beautiful blue eyes seemed to almost sparkle in the sunlight coming through the windows.  I couldn't help but snap a picture.
 Baby G stayed snuggled in her car seat while the others played in the play area.
 I didn't get my camera out quick enough to get Little G with his hands folded and eyes closed, but you can kind of see how cute he looked during prayer before dinner.  He has started really enjoying prayer time and will even try to add his own prayer on most nights.
 Little G will often clap his hands together and say, "I hold baby."  He will only hold her for a few seconds at a time but he loves to get his cuddles in.
 Precious girl is staying awake more during the day and we get to enjoy seeing her beautiful eyes more often.
 He is getting braver with how he holds Baby G.  Luckily, he still does a good job protecting her head.
 A baby's yawns are so cute.
 Giving her some lovin'.
 Little G was being Hulk.  Everyone watch out!!!!
 It's fun to see the older three kiddos playing together.  They sure do love each other.
 Swaddled up for bed time.
 It was time for Bubby's first basketball game.  He was warming up can see the ball just in side the hoop.  After lots of practice, Bubby has started making quite a few shots.  He has been determined to figure out how to make it.
 Waiting his turn to shoot.
 In the game he had a blast.  He smiled most of the time and enjoyed every moment.
 He had to learn a lot of the the fact that at this point he was supposed to be on offense, not defense....but he caught on quickly.  Ever since that first game he has been wanting to play basketball constantly. 
 Baby G showing off her chubby cheeks.
 This is one of my favorite pictures.  You can see how comfortable these two are together. 
 After Bubby's game we then went to see my niece play.  The younger niece enjoyed holding Baby G during the game.
 She slept through most of the game.
 These two are already really close.  Baby G loves her Nana.
 Once the game was over my niece hustled up to get some time holding her baby cousin.
 Sleepy girl.
 This is her about-to-cry face.  Maybe it's because her mom takes so many pictures.
 We were blessed a few nights ago with a white November.  The neighbor kids teepeed us....
 And our kiddos thought it was awesome.  They couldn't wait to get outside a pick it up.  We had to get to church so they couldn't pick it all up, and by the time we got back home the neighbor kids had picked up the rest of the toilet paper.  Talk about the nicest teepee-ers ever.
 Baby girl.
 Goofy boy who was supposed to be getting some work done for school.
 Baby G is like her siblings and enjoys sucking on mommy's thumb from time to time.
 Chillin' with mom while Bubby does his school work.
 Hard at work.
 Sissy G has recently really enjoyed playing with lego's. 
 A milk-coma after nursing.
 Little G being goofy while holding the baby.
 Little G yelled out, "Mom, look at me."
 All ready for bed.
 Pretty girl with her hair sticking straight up.
And a goofy brother wanting to be in the picture. 
It feels like our life has gotten very busy and very exciting.  There is never a dull moment and always lots to do.  I couldn't be more thankful.

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