Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Thanksgiving 2016

 I love looking down at this precious face.  However on this particular day I had two pies to bake and Oreo balls to make, and this little girl was only happy if she was being held.
 So while I held her, I had some big help in the kitchen from my two oldest.
 Sis and Little G would throw the oreo balls into the melted white chocolate.
 I definitely couldn't of done it without them.
 Then when we were done I told them they could eat some of the leftover chocolate.
"I don't like it."
 I made Little G clean up after eating the white chocolate.
 I can't imagine why.
 Of course, his main concern was his chin.
 While I was rolling out my dough for the pie crust, Sissy wanted to pretend to make her own pie crust.
 Bubby G helped by making graham cracker and icing sandwiches.
 Still holding this cutie, but wearing a lil extra spit up at this point.
 The finished product turned out pretty good.
 I bought this lil seat for the bath for Baby G.  This was her first time taking a real bath instead of just a sponge bath.
 She didn't seem very thrilled by this new adventure.
 Clean and happy to be in mom's arms.
 Swaddled up for bed.
 Thanksgiving morning I only had a few more things to bake, and then we dressed everyone up and headed to our first thanksgiving meal.
 Sweet face resting in her swing while the rest of us got ready.
 Little G hanging with his big cousin before we ate.
 Baby G was well taken care of too.
 The best part of Thanksgiving is family, especially family that you have not met before.  My nephew was born just a couple weeks before Baby G and we have been anxiously waiting to hold this lil cutie.
 Prayer before the meal.  We are blessed and have much to be thankful for.
 This big boy has grown up a lot since the last time we saw him.  It's hard to only get to see him a few times a year so when we are together I try to get lots of pictures.
 Precious boy drawing before he gets his meal.  I love that smile.
 Sissy smiling all cute when I wanted a picture of her.
 My niece and sister-in-law sharing their thanksgiving meal together.
 Gotta love my nephew's cheeks.
 The kid's table.
 Nana getting in her snuggles.
 She couldn't wait to get her hands on him.
 These two are just a few months apart in age.  My niece was trying to hold Little G's hand...
 But Little G was playing hard to get.
 We finally got them to stand together for this cute picture.
 And then they hugged each other.
 There personalities are adorable.
 The baby couch.
 Love him.
 Two weeks apart in age but my nephew is quite a bit bigger than Baby G.
 Both sound asleep.
 Big yawn.
 My nephew giving Baby G some love.
 A big part of this Thanksgiving get-together was playing dress up.  My nephew was Superman in the background and Sissy was a firefighter.  She was very serious about putting out fires.
 Look at all these cuties.
 Cousins and good friends.
 Nana's birthday always falls near thanksgiving so we love to celebrate her while we are all together. 
 61 years old but she maybe looks half of that.
 Blowing out her candles with her grandson keeping a close eye.
 Cake for dessert.
 We then headed up north for our second meal.  All the kids each got a new book from Grandma. 
 And some bags of candy corn.
 Hanging with Grandma.
 Sissy helped Grandma butter the rolls.
 Sissy was having a blast and the rolls were delicious.
 Pretty girl
 My nephew looking all snazzy. 
 We switched Baby G's outfit to her turkey pajamas.
 Little G hung close to me most of the time and since all the other kiddos were occupied with playing with other kids I got to focus on him.  We were rolling the tractor back and forth.
 Following him around....he was wearing a Cardinal helmet.
 He kept flashing me these cute smiles.
 He was happy to find a ball to play with.
 You can barely see the group of kids running down the stairs. 
 The kid's table.
 "That's a lot of food"
 A cute smile from my nephew.
 Cousin's enjoying their meal together.
 Sissy was pleased with how her rolls turned out.
 A picture of all the kids.
 A picture of just the parents and their kids.
 Our family picture. 
 Back at home, Sissy was trying to give Baby G some friends to lay with her.
 Baby G didn't seem too thrill.
 Sissy and my nephew playing house together.
 Aren't they cute?!?!
 Goofy face.
 My niece was having fun sitting in one of the bins at my folks house.
 So Little G wanted to do it too.
 They were adorable together.
 So stinkin' cute.
 This lil boy didn't know what to think of me at first....
 But then he warmed up and flashed me this cute grin.
 Baby G was conked out.
 Recently, Bubby G has started his own blog.  He is pretty proud of it and works really hard.  He picks out his own pictures and writes what he wants under each picture (asking me how to spell most words).  Check his site out at...


 Pretty girl in her Elsa pajamas.
 Making eyes at me.
 Trying to give me a smile.
 The girls.
 She was holding her head up really good.
 Conked out on the chair.
 Sissy putting some blush on.
I spent five minutes in the bathroom putting my make-up on and came out to find that the kids had poured out all the goldfish and crunched them into the carpet.  These kiddos keep life interesting.

Happy Thanksgiving!!!!

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