Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Hanging Of The Greens

 It was the weekend after Thanksgiving and it was time for our traditional putting up of the Christmas tree, or the "Hanging of the Greens."  Little G was a bit more active in the process this year than he was last year.
He wasn't even moving around much at this point last year and now he's a quick lil booger who is always on the go.
 Bubby was excited about helping dad put the tree up.
 He wanted to be a big helper.
 Excited and pointing and the tree.
 Digging in the Christmas tree box to grab more branches.
 As soon as the tree was up Little G right away crawled underneath it.
 And Sissy followed.  If this tree makes it, it will be a miracle.
 Goofy boy.
 Little G was enthralled with the tree.
 Baby G had her reindeer jammies on and was keeping a close eye on all of us.
 Getting out more Christmas décor.
 Looking at his reflection in the ornament.
 They found the Santa hats.
 Sissy wanted to wear one too.  Little G wasn't interested at all, but....
 Baby G was.....although she was kind of forced into it.
 Looking through the ornament box.
 They got some ornaments and were ready to hang them up.
 A precious picture of them all putting up ornaments.
 Sissy G loved seeing all the different ornaments we had.
 All that's left is to do is put on the star. 
 It was Sissy's turn to put the star on the tree...
 So dad lifted her up, but she was unable to get the star to stay.
 So Bubby tried....
 And he couldn't get it to stay either.
 So dad tried, and he couldn't get it either.  So mom tried, and finally got it to stay.
 Little G was feeling a little left out and wanted dad to lift him up too so we gave him a turn to touch the star.
 Afterwards we all sat down to a big family dinner of lasagna.  It was a special evening.
 Baby G was laid under the tree and she loved looking up at the lights.
 It made for a neat picture.  She is definitely our favorite gift from 2016.
 We were still getting to enjoy our time with my brother's family and were enjoying this baby boy and all his smiles.
 One evening we had an actual "Hanging of the Greens" at church where we all got together to put up Christmas decorations, eat food, read the Christmas story, and...
 Put up the tree.
 Another special picture under the tree with these two sharing a special moment.
 Playing with cousins around the tree.
 Sissy was getting some cuddles in with her lil sister.
 How sweet are they?
 After sharing this picture on Facebook, I had lots of comments that people thought that Sissy was holding a baby doll when they first looked at this picture. 
 Tummy time on mommy's lap.  It's amazing how much you can love such a little person so quickly. 
 The kids made themselves a palate to jump in and lay on.  It always blows my mind how quickly the kids can pull every blanket and pillow out and put it in a pile on the floor.  It's also amazing how long it takes all of them to pick it up.
Grocery shopping looks a little different these days.  After putting Little G in the front of the cart and Baby G in the back of the cart, I have very little room for groceries.  Not to mention the two other kids running around all over the place. 
 Morning popcorn probably wasn't the best idea, especially since Little G decided to pour it all out on the couch.
 Dad got out the vacuum out and sucked up all the popcorn.
 Baby G has been flashing us lots of grins and smiles and....
 all sorts of silly faces.
 Nap time with her cute little tush up in the air and her chubby cheeks resting against the bed.
A little brother/sister craft time in the dining room. 
We are 18 days from Christmas Day and I'm excited that I have all my Christmas shopping done.  We are enjoying this holiday season and all that it entails.  It's special to get to spend this time with family and to see it all through the eyes of a child.

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