Sunday, December 18, 2016

December Fun

 Sissy in her new Christmas coat that her Grandma got her. 
 Little G was being festive too with his Santa hat.  All the kids were excited because we were headed to daddy's work to see Santa.
 Walking in with Nana.
 Sissy was the first one to go up to Santa and talk to him.
 She was a bit shy and didn't say much, but she did tell him that she wants an Elsa and Anna car and an Elsa and Anna phone.
 How sweet is she.
 Then Bubby got on his lap.  This was his first time on Santa's lap since he was 6 months old.  He didn't have time to tell Santa all he wanted so he wrote a list out before we left home and sealed it in an envelope for Santa.  All 18 things were hand written by Bubby in that letter.  We had to have a talk about how Santa won't be able to get all 18 things on that list.  Especially since mom noticed that she had only gotten one thing on that list.  Let me just say....his "want list" has changed over the coarse of the last two weeks.  I think he will still be excited to see what "Santa" brings him this Christmas.
 Little G wasn't too thrilled with sitting on Santa's lap this year.
 Baby G didn't seem to mind one bit. 
 Since Little G wasn't thrilled with Santa we decided to go ahead and take a group photo so that daddy could hold Little G.
It turned out to be a neat picture of all 6 of us with Santa.  This one is going to need a frame.
 After Santa, the kids spotted a table where they could decorate Christmas cookies.
 Sissy knows this girl from church and quickly buddied up with her and started decorating her cookie.
 Looking like a big boy.
 Nothing better than Christmas cookies and Santa.
 Spreading on his icing.
 It took a bit of coaxing but we finally got Bubby interested in decorating a cookie too.
 And then he got really into it.
 His cookie needs some sprinkles.
 Lots of sprinkles.
 Doing good, buddy.
 Hard at work topping his off with some red sprinkles.
 Taste test.  Little G wasn't too interested in the actual cookie part so he would just suck the icing and sprinkles off and leave the cookie.
 Not this boy.  He gobbled the whole thing up.
 Face painting time.  Sissy wanted an angel.
 And Little G got a Christmas tree.
 Then Sissy made a Christmas ornament.
 And Little G enjoyed himself a candy cane.
 Nana and Gampa in front of the Christmas tree.
 Back at home, Baby G took her afternoon nap on the recliner, and Sissy thought she needed a napping buddy so she put one of her dolls in a shirt and shoes and laid her next to Baby G.
 Baby G is gonna have to be a tough little girl.  All the kids love cuddling with her and she tends to get tossed around a bit.  I'm thankful she hasn't been hurt.
 Pretty girl all dressed up for church.
 Sunday night, once the older three were in bed, daddy started packing for his work trip that he had to leave for the next day.  He was headed to Arizona and wasn't going to get back until late Friday night.  In fact, due to weather, he didn't get home until close to 2am on Saturday morning.  It was a long week without him.
 Night time is special because I get some extra cuddles with my baby girl.  I love when she looks up at me.  It's moments like this that I would like to freeze time.
 It seems like when dad is gone the craziness tends to pick up a little.  After the kids dumped water all over the bathroom floor, I made them dry it up with towels.  But apparently this meant doing summersaults on top of the wet towels.  I sent this picture to Mr. G and told him that me and him have very different jobs.  And he said, "yes" but that mine is more fun.  I would have to agree.
 My two girls.
 Sound asleep again.
 I had gotten concerned that maybe Baby G had thrush so I made her an appointment with the dr.  This inspired Sissy G to then be a doctor herself.  Doc McStuffins that is.
 We could only call her by Doc McStuffins that whole day until she finally put her jammies on that night and she turned back into Sissy.
 Pretty girl relaxing in her swing.
 Nap time for Little G.
 Cuddled up with mom waiting in the doctor's office waiting room.  Praise God she didn't have thrush but she did have eczema and I learned through trial and error that it was a result of dairy.  So it looks like I will be dairy free as long as I nurse this little one which will probably be another year or so.  I hope she grows out of this dairy allergy for her sake.  You forget how many things have dairy in them.  Milk, cheese, butter, chocolate, ice cream, and the list goes on.  I guess this will force me to eat healthier.  Meat and veggies and fruit it is.
 Little G amazed by Gampa's new Christmas light system.
 After basketball practice Monday night this little dude was being goofy with his water bottle.  Since Mr. G was gone I used Nana and Gampa quite a bit through out the week.  So they watched the other three kids so that I could take Bubby to practice on my own.  It was a special time.  And when I got back to Nana and Gampa's house to pick up the other kiddos....
 I saw Gampa painting Sissy's toe nails.  Talk about a sweet Gampa. 
 Such a cute little one all ready for bed.
 She must've slept good because she was back flashing smiles in the morning.
 She knows how to raise one eyebrow like her daddy. 
 More big smiles.  Her cheeks are so big that her eyes shut when she smiles real big.  That is a trait she gets from my side of the family.  Someone told me that Baby G has my "happy eyes."  I really liked that comment and took it as a huge compliment.
 20 months apart in age and buddies for life.  Little G's smile is contagious.  I love it.
 While Daddy was gone on his trip, Little G took more of an interest in becoming potty trained.  I probably need to take this interest and run with it but I don't quite see how I can find the time to completely potty train him.  Maybe this next week I'll go ahead and bite the bullet.  I just don't understand why this little boy wants to grow up so fast.  This was his first time peeing in the potty.  Maybe it was the nice view he had outside that helped give him success. 
 The next morning he peed again his potty, only somehow it all didn't make it in the potty and we ended up doing an emergency wash on his "choo choo blanket."  Which made this morning a bit tougher because Little G likes his blanket to cuddle with in the morning.
 The kids enjoying looking at all the ornaments on the tree.  I'm going to miss having the tree up when the holiday season is over.
 Pretty girl.
 Little G not only decided to start potty training, he also decided to do several "Denise the Menace" acts while daddy was gone.  One was climbing up on the stove pouring my entire salt shaker into the burner.
Another was climbing up into the sink in the bathroom and sitting Indian style in it with the water on.  That wouldn't of been a huge deal except he turned only the hot water on and he turned it on full blast.  He also then couldn't figure out how to get out of the sink.  I hear crying and find him in the sink with hot steam rising up.  It could've been a very VERY bad deal.  Praise God he only ended up with some red feet for a bit.
 He was knocking lamps over and climbing up on anything he could.  He spent lots of time in time out through out the week.
 Here's another doozy for you.  He climbed up on the kitchen counter (again) and turned on the garbage disposal.  Another almost disaster.  And, yes, I grabbed a quick picture for proof, but he wasn't smiling after he got punished for yet another stunt.
 Why, oh, why do they have to grow out of this stage of life????
 Sissy is in a new stage of life, too.  She is into dressing herself and doing her own hair.
 She's also into very girly things like getting her fingernails painted, or putting on fake nails like she has on this picture.  She also likes make-up, and baby dolls, and jewelry.  But to even things out she also enjoys batman, basketball, and monsters.  She's got a perfect combination of girly-girl and tomboy in her.
 More pictures of Baby G looking up at mommy.
 I can't help it...she melts my heart every time.
 This smile is what she gave me right before she knew she was going to get to eat.  I can totally relate.

 In case you are wondering...these are all of Bubby's Imaginext characters.  The bad guys are on top and the good guys are on bottom. 
 It was the night of Bubby's school Christmas play.  He was very particular about his hair that night and spent lots of time getting it just right before we left.
 Bubby and two of his classmates and teammates (along with their little sister).
 I got there an hour and a half early to make sure to get a good seat and it gave us lots of photographic opportunities.
 So proud of  him.
 Another picture with of some of his classmates.
 I didn't mind the wait because I got to sit and hold this cutie.
 More of the boys.
 So this little girl was all in Bubby's face and was trying to touch him.  The picture is blurry but it was hilarious because Bubby couldn't get away fast enough and then....
 He sat there with a look on his face like "what in world just happened."  I was laughing so hard.  He looks so much like his dad here.
 Bubby and Baby G.
 Singing the opening song.
 The Kindergarten class did amazing with their part.  I was so proud of Bubby and how he spoke with such authority.  You can watch the video if you click the link below.

Kindergarten Class Christmas Play 2016

 Giving mom a smile.
 Singing proud.
 This was during the closing prayer.
 Yes, yes, eyes should've been closed and my mind should've been focused.  But he looked so cute.
 Curtain call.
 And when we got was potty time.  Coat still on and all.
 This was Sissy with some of her friends during a playdate. 
 I absolutely love these moments.
 Pretty stinkin' sweet.
 Baby it's cold outside.
 Pretty smile.
 More orneriness from this lil booger.
 Watching Bubby play basketball.
 Big cuddles by Christmas tree.
Summersault time.

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