Saturday, December 24, 2016

Christmas Eve 2016

 I've not rocked my baby's much in the past because I had heard that it spoils them, but this is my last baby and, by golly, I'm gonna spend as much time as I can rocking her.  I don't get to do it a ton because I have other sweet kiddos to tend to, but in the evenings....when the house is quiet....I love sitting in the rocking chair with this lil beauty.  She will look up at me and smile and talk and make eyes with me.  And then slowly, she shuts those sweet eyes and doses off for the night.  I will definitely cherish these moments.
 Christmas Eve Eve we had big plans of making lots of cookies, so Bubby G was cleaning off the table before we got started.  I had three kiddos who were very eager to help.
 I had bought a kit from Walmart that was meant for you to make ugly Christmas sweaters.  But these kids didn't want to make ugly sweaters....they wanted to make cute Christmas sweaters....because they were decorating these for Santa.
 The icing tubes were a little hard to squeeze so I had to help Little G out a bit.
 Bubby worked very hard at writing his name on this one.
 I would totally buy a sweater that looked like that.  She was very proud of her work.
 They had a blast.
 Sweet kiddos.
 Bubby called this the "waterfall technique."
 Little G really enjoyed the sprinkles....
 Can you tell?
I love Sissy's focus.
 He liked the icing too.
 We gave the kiddos baths after they decorated their cookies and Sissy wanted her hair in curlers.  She didn't leave them in long enough for her hair to dry and actually curl but that's okay. 
 Playing with wrapping paper.
 It was time for Baby G's bath and she was very happy about it.
 I love her lil grin.
 She appeared to be a bit more concerned once she was in the water...
 And she had even more faces for me once she was done. 
 She has been a bit more crabby lately so I was really enjoying these happy moments.
 She was talking to me.
 She got her jammies on and her hair combed and Bubby couldn't wait to get his hands on her. 
 Here are some of our cookies for the next day.
 Ornery Little G climbing up to turn the water on.
 I had moved on to making dinner and by now I had another lil helper.  She wanted held and she wasn't afraid to tell me about it.  But once she was in my arms she was very content.
 Later that night after our rocking session.
 Christmas Eve morning the girls were enjoying some floor time together.
 They are precious together.
 We had everyone coming over for a big brunch at 10 so I needed to get going on the French toast and pancakes.  We were missing Mozzie and Papa because Papa was sick with the stomach bug and we also had to change plans about going up north to Mr. G's family because they also had the stomach bug.  We were very bummed. 
 Bubby G sporting his Santa shirt. 
 Me and Little G working on some pancakes together. 
 We all enjoyed the food and after brunch Gampa started carrying in the gifts.  You can just imagine how excited these kids were.
 Sissy with her older cousin.  These girls are twins born 8 years apart.
 A big smile from Little G.
 This is one of Little G's favorite spots in the whole world....on Gampa's lap. 
 The grownups were ready to watch the unwrapping process.
 Pretty girl couldn't wait to get into her gift.
 Look at that smile.
Love Love Love his face.  Priceless.  He was one happy boy.
 Now it's Bubby's turn....
 He was very excited too.
 The big girls didn't yell out with excitement but you could tell they loved their gifts.
 Showing off the headband that Nana got made for them.
Little G got some Thomas blocks.
 And a remote control Thomas train.
 Nana got a Keurig from my brother and his wife.  She was very very excited.
 Daddy and Little G were trying out the train.
 He loves it.
 Sissy got a Barbie doll that she can add make-up to and nail polish and do her hair.  Her big cousin was showing her how to do it.
These goofballs were looking at themselves on Snapchat and cracking up.  It was so much fun to see Boppy's reaction to herself on Snapchat.  Priceless.
We are heading to go to the basketball gym here in a bit to shoot around with family and then to eat dinner.  After that, it's back home to get everything ready for the morning.  I absolutely love this time of year.

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