Sunday, December 18, 2016

Sissy Getting Her Ears Pierced

 A fun winter afternoon of swimming with the neighbor kids.  These kiddos had a blast.
 The next day, Sissy wanted to help me with dishes.
 I've gotten smarter through the years and have learned that a swimsuit is required when helping mom with the dishes.
 Not sure if you can see the shine on the floor that is from the reflection of all the water that was poured down there.  Sissy G enjoyed not only getting wet in the sink but also splashing around in all the water that was on the floor.  I ended up with a happy girl and a clean floor.
 Here's another happy girl.
 Sleepy face.
 She's like my other kids and loves to sleep on her tummy.
 Here she is asleep in her swing.
 Asleep on the floor.  Apparently she can sleep anywhere.
 Everyone knows the pain of stepping on a Lego that is on the floor.  Little G poured out all of our Lego pieces and then proceeded to jump in the pile.  It had to of hurt but he enjoyed doing it over and over again.  Goofy boy.
 Bubby G working on his emails and blog.
 Her cheeks are getting fuller...
 And her smiles are getting bigger.
 Little G saying the prayer before dinner.
 On Friday mornings, Bubby's school has chapel that is open to the public so I loaded up the other three kiddos and we headed to the church.
 We sat near the back because I wasn't sure how cooperative the kids would be. 
Baby G was my easy one.  She slept the whole time.
 It's hard to see but there is Bubby G walking in with his class to chapel.
 Bubby's teacher on stage getting ready to start the songs.
 That night Bubby was going to get to spend the night with his Nana and Gampa along with his cousin.  He sat by the door with his suitcase for at least 45 minutes waiting for them to come pick him up.  He was just a tad excited.
 Little G was giving mommy a check up.
 With Bubby starting school at the beginning of the week and then spending the night with Nana and Gampa, I could tell that Sissy G was feeling a little left out.  So we decided to go ahead and give in to something that she had been begging for.  We decided to let her get her ears pierced.  We drove to Mt. Vernon....
 And first stopped at Fazoli's to eat supper.
 It was a big treat.
 I think this was Baby G's first time at a restaurant.  She was distracted by all the lights and sounds.
 Little G grabbed a piece of spaghetti off my plate.  He's used to spaghetti being cut up and was having trouble getting the whole noodle in his mouth.
 It was hilarious to watch him trying to get it into his mouth.
 I'm not lying when I say it was a long process.
 Then we headed to the mall.  Sissy G was dragging daddy in, she was so excited.
 This lady was amazing.  She made the whole process special for Sissy.
 Sissy was very excited.  We had tried explaining to her that it will hurt when she gets her ears pierced but she didn't seem phased by what we were saying.
 Little G was busy looking at all the stuffed animals.
 Cleaning off her ears.
 Putting a dot on Sissy's ears to know where to put the earring.
 Other side.
 Big girl...still excited and maybe starting to get a bit nervous.  But she sat there like a big girl.
 I was so glad that they were able to do both sides at the same time.  Her eyes got real big when they shot the earring gun and they filled up just a tad with tears.
 But she never made a sound.
 There's a little bit of a grin.
 Looking at her earrings for the first time.
 Afterwards she got to pick out a stuffed animal for doing so good.
 Shaking the lady's hand and thanking her for helping us.
 With her new stuffed animal and her new earrings.
 She's such a pretty girl.  I was very proud of her.
 I received this picture from Nana and Gampa showing that the boys were having fun during their sleepover.  
 Another lil grin from Baby G.
And a big smile the next day from this cutie who was still excited about her earrings.  When I asked her if it hurt to get her ears pierced she initially said no, but a few hours later she admitted that it hurt just a little bit.  She looks so grown up now.

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