Thursday, December 8, 2016

Starting School

 I love her smile and how she's sharing it with us more and more.
 Last Thursday we headed to our homeschool co-op.  Baby G looked all peaceful in her car seat so I had to snap a picture.
 Sissy G and Bubby G enjoyed hearing the story of how the Grinch stole Christmas at the co-op.
 After that we did crafts.  How is it even possible to look this cute simply trying to put the lid on a marker? I love how he cocks his head to the side to do it.
 The kids got to dress up a dog in Christmas apparel for one of their crafts.
 This lil girl from our homeschool group loves to hold Baby G and does a very good job with her. 
 After crafts we went to another room for snacks where everything was green in honor of the Grinch.
 These two goofy boys were laughing because they were eating eyeballs off the cookies.
 Washing up before she eats.
 There must've been a lot of dye in those green cookies because it turned the kids' mouths green almost instantly.
 But they didn't mind.
 Heading home and showing Mama some cute grins.
 Back at home and resting on Mama by the Christmas tree.
 A cute baby and a cute dog resting together.
 Last Thursday Baby G turned six weeks old.  I can't believe how fast these six weeks have gone by.  It's been so much fun being this little girls Mama.
 Little G was watching The Wizard of Oz on the TV in his favorite spot on the coffee table and, of course, with his hand on his chin.
 These two kiddos were cuddled up with their dad while we had a family movie night watching The Santa Claus.
 I had some cuddle bugs snuggled up with me too, including Baby G up on my chest.
 I get lots of grins while I change her diaper which makes diaper changing more fun.
 Bubby G likes to help me.
 After lots of prayer, we decided it would be best for Bubby G to attend school at a local Christian school nearby.  The homeschooling part was going great and Bubby was learning a lot and enjoying it.  So was I.  But his behavior was getting worse and he was struggling anytime he was asked to leave me.  He seemed to lack confidence and didn't feel comfortable anywhere but home.  It was just obvious that a school setting is what he needed.  So we signed him up and he started last Monday.  Here he is writing his name on his school supplies. 
 Once he heard that he was going to school, it was like his confidence went through the roof.  He was excited and I was excited for him.  It wasn't how I had hoped for things to go but I was certain this is what was best for him, and that's what we want more than anything.
 So many different facial expressions, but each one is adorable in its own way.
 Baby it's cold's time for a stocking cap.
 Little G loves playing with KitCat at my folks' house.  This picture cracked me up because the cat was sitting this way for a long time like he was a statue and hiding from Little G.
 Eating ice cream and watching Christmas movies.
 It's time for a bath but all Baby G wanted to do was sleep.
 Big brother was helping by washing Baby's feet.
 All clean.
 Looking at herself in the mirror up above.  She looks like an angel.
 This was the morning of Bubby G's first day of school and as you can tell Sissy wasn't very happy that Bubby was going to be leaving.  It was sweet listening to Bubby explain that he wouldn't be gone long and that he would play with her as soon as he gets back from school.  Sissy held on to his legs for dear life.
 A precious moment between father and son where Mr. G told Bubby how proud he was of him and that he was excited for this new adventure in his life.  He gave him pointers and advice and ended it all with....
 A big bear hug.
 My big boy was excited to go to school.
 He let the dog out for me before we left and then we hit the road for school.  On the way there we had a prayer.  I knew Bubby was excited but I also knew he was nervous and a bit scared.  I didn't know how he would do so I had my mom stay with the younger three at our house while I took Bubby to school on my own just in case he needed me.
 And he did.  The beginning of every day of school he starts in the gym and he was very overwhelmed this first day.  He didn't want me to leave and hid under my legs.  Then the teacher came and we walked together to his class.
 She gave him his own locker where he would keep his backpack and coat.
 And she assigned him a desk.  Then the teacher said, "Okay, are you ready to say good-bye to your mom?"
And Bubby replied with a quick, "No."
She said, "Well, it's time to tell her bye." And so Bubby came over and gave me a hug.  He wasn't going to let go but the teacher took his hand and led him back to his desk while I quickly made my way out the door with a pool of tears in my eyes.  Bubby told me later that he teared up when I left but he quickly wiped away his tears and he was fine.  I was so proud of him.  I cried all the way home, and then cried some more when I told my mom how proud I was of him, and I cried a few more times when my heart would well up with excitement for Bubby.  My lil boy is growing up.  
 We filled our morning as best we could while we were all anxiously waiting to go pick Bubby up.  Little G filled his time with trying to peel the skin off of an apple with some tongs.  It was interesting to watch.
 Finally it was noon and time to pick up Bubby.  The teacher said he did great and that he is a very good boy.  He was flying high with excitement when he got in the car.  He is acting all grown up.
 Moving on to some baby pictures before I start crying again. 
 Her facial expressions are so much fun at this age.
 Big yawn.
 Showing off her dimples.
 Sweet grin.
 More dimples.
 A confusing look.  Probably because the phone is constantly in her face taking pictures.
 And finally asleep.
 Sissy G is enjoying dressing herself in the mornings while Bubby is gone to school.  She likes to currently dress in layers.  And she tends to change her outfit 52 times every morning.  But she loves it.
 Tummy time.
 Smiley time.
 Sharing a nap with Marley.
 A close-up on those chubby cheeks.
 Now this was interesting....I see Little G with our pretend coffee pot, filled with water, and his pacifier inside.
 And he was drinking the water out of it.
 You never know what you are going to catch this boy doing.
 BIG BIG smile.
 I'm loving all these grins.
 Pretty girl.
 And there is more big news to announce.... Little G pooped on the potty for the first time.  He was a proud lil boy.
 Sleeping hard.
 We decided to try our hand at some homemade poptarts.
 I had planned on making them myself but I had a boy who desperately wanted to help, so I let him.
 We cut the pie crust into 3x4 inch rectangles and filled the inside with Nutella.
 Another boy wanted to help too so I gave him my leftover dough to play with.
 The poptarts weren't as pretty as I was planning on them to be but they were made by a five year old and they were made with love.
The final product turned out pretty good and they were crispy but yummy. 
A couple nights ago we went to my nieces' basketball game.  The girls did great.  And their aunt wanted pictures of each of them. 
 So I made them stop and smile.  Hopefully they weren't too embarrassed by their crazy aunt.
 Mornings are especially fun with kids.  These two were playing together.
 This meant kisses...
 And laughter...
 I think Baby G is smiling up at him.
 Pinching her nose.
 And then Baby G grabbed Little G's toes.
 They are pretty sweet together.
The second day of school started a little rough for Bubby as he threw a huge fit when I dropped him off.  But I later got a message from his old preschool teacher that showed me that he was much better and was having a great time.  We are in a new stage of life and it's been an adjustment for all of us, but it's a fun stage and good stage.  I'm excited for all that is to come.

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