Thursday, December 22, 2016

Christmas Parties

 Sunday afternoon naps are the best.
 Baby G turned 2 months old on the 20th.  She is starting to find her voice and knows what she wants.  She can hold her head up really well and prefers sleeping on her tummy.  She loves to cuddle and doesn't like her car seat, especially any time after 5pm.  She is smiling more and more and is "cooing" at me when I talk to her.  She is a very special girl.
 We had our first Christmas party last Saturday with my dad's side of the family.  Baby G enjoyed her time hanging out with her great-grandma Mozzie.
 It's nice to catch up with my aunt and uncle....
 They love our kids like their own.
 The other kids enjoyed playing with all the toys at the church.  Thank you to my cousin for taking these pictures for me.
 Cuddles back at home with the girls.
 And Baby G snuggled up close with Bubby. 
 Check out the adorable cheeks on this girl.
 This is how you sleep when you have a stuffy nose.  Poor boy has been battling a cold for several days now.
 Sissy's best friend had a birthday yesterday so we needed to wrap her present.  The only wrapping paper I have is Christmas wrapping paper.  Sissy was super excited about her friend having a birthday and to get her present ready for her.
 We wrapped the present the day before and this gift was carried around with Sissy almost everywhere Sissy went.  It looked pretty rough by the time we actually gave it to Sissy's friend.
 Sissy even added a bow to the gift.
 Granted it was Baby G's head bow.  But, Hey....whatever works.
 It was a batgirl/superhero kind of day.
 It struck me when I asked Sissy what she was going to do as Batgirl and she said, "I'm going to go save the bad guys."  I asked her several times to make sure she understood what she was saying.  I thought she probably meant that she was going to catch the bad guys, not save the bad guys.  But she said, "No, I need to save the bad guys."  It struck because how often as adults do we pass judgment on people who have made bad decisions and we are ready to see them suffer the consequences without even thinking about how they need saving too.  Thanks for the lesson, Sissy.
 Batgirl needs some makeup, don't you know.  And apparently a heavy dose of makeup right on the eyebrows.
 Here is Bubby outside helping our landlord rake up the leaves in our front yard.  He was out working hard for probably an hour and Bubby was very excited when our landlord paid him $10 for helping him.
 Can you see Little G's head through the blinds?  He wanted so badly to be outside raking too, but I had a feeling that wouldn't be very helpful.
 I was making supper when I heard Sissy crying.  Apparently, her and Little G decided to drink some of my essential oils.  Ugh!!!  It was a terrible tasting kind so Sissy was not a happy girl.  I guess they climbed up to the top of the bathroom closet to get to my oils.  I contacted my friend who sells oils and luckily the kind that they drank was okay to take orally and other than a bad taste in their mouth they should be okay.  Praise God.
 Our second Christmas party was at Bubby's school.
 Bubby's teacher making over Baby G and Sissy G when we got there and asking Bubby to introduce his sister's to the class.
 Sissy saw some friends she knew and went running to them....
 And gave them big hugs.
 Baby G was getting lots of attention.
 She didn't mind one bit.
 Lining up after a potty break.  Bubby is standing by the teacher because he was the star of the week, which meant he was the teacher's helper.
 When we got back to the class the kids sang their "Thank you, Lord" song.  Watch the video of it on the link below.  Bubby is the one who prayed at the end.

Best Kindergarten Class Ever

 Enjoying his snacks at the party.
 Sissy enjoyed all the classroom toys.  She had set the table with pretend food and was pretending to eat.
 Baby G was just hanging out with me.
 Doesn't that look delicious.
 The boy table.
 Finally, Sissy got some real food.
 Our beautiful, cross-eyed reindeer.  Guess I had the phone a little too close to her face. 
 That's better.
 Sissy loved the kindergarten classroom.
 It was time for the gift exchange.  The boys got in a circle and while the teacher played the piano, the boys passed the presents in a circle.  Then when the music stopped, whichever present they had became theirs.
 Bubby G got a cool thing to draw on.
 Baby G conked out on one of the pillows in the classroom despite all the loud noise.
 Opening their present from their teacher.
 He was super excited.
 Giving his teacher one hug....
 Two hugs.
 All the kids got flashlights from their teacher so we then went to the gym and turned out the lights and ran around.
 It's hard to see Sissy but she is amongst all the girls and they are measuring her on the giraffe.
 Crowded around the teacher's desk while she opens her presents.
 Baby G getting some smooches.
 Talking to mommy.
 After Bubby's school Christmas party then Sissy got to go to her friends birthday party.  This is at the end of party.  Happy happy girl.
 Both these girls were celebrating their birthday.
 First they all dressed up as princesses and they went to a hair salon and got their hair done.
 Watching the ipad at the hair salon.
 Sissy and her best friend.
 All the princesses.
 Silly faces.
 She was so excited.
 Living the dream.
 Then the kiddos used some old boxes and made an airplane...Sissy is in the airplane and under the blanket.
 Little G woke up a little crabby that day.
 Bubby with all his classmates.
 I was getting lots and lots of grins and smiles from Baby G last night.
 I was in hog-heaven.
 Little G drawing on his box.
And another picture of the girls. 
I can't believe that Christmas is just 3 days away.  I got a majority of my gifts wrapped yesterday and my groceries bought for our Christmas gatherings.  Unfortunately, Mr. G's grandma died a few days ago so today is her visitation and funeral.  Not how you want to spend the holidays.  Prayers for Mr. G's family would be very much appreciated. 

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