Wednesday, December 7, 2016

When You Give A Kid A Camera

 Often times my kids will turn my phone on and pull up the camera without me even realizing it.
 I will then go to my photos and be shocked at all the pictures they have taken. 
 It's neat to see what they choose to take pictures of. 
 You kind of get a view of life through their eyes.  Obviously, they like taking pictures of the dogs and of their little sister.
 And also pictures of each other.
 This was a pretty good picture of a close up of Marley.
 Another selfie.
 Sissy was taking pictures this time...
 And got one of the tree....
 And a few close ups of the tree.  I'll only share one with you.
 Sissy actually told Bubby to pose next to Baby G so she could get a picture.  Maybe we have a future photographer on our hands.
Please note that I only shared some pictures with you but when they take these pictures they actually take 1001 pictures of the same image.  Just so you know.

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