Thursday, December 29, 2016

Christmas 2016

 We spent Christmas Eve at my brother's house since Mr. G's family was sick with the stomach bug.  The kids got to go to the gym and shoot around and then we all enjoyed a good dinner.  The kids played "Christmas" all night long where they pretended someone was the Rudolph and some one was Santa.  When we got home the kids laid out the cookies for Santa and some milk.
 Little G was very confused and kept saying "I cookie...I cookie."
 Then dad read the story of Jesus' birth from Luke 2 to all of us.  Notice he's reading it from an app on his phone instead of the Bible....not quite as neat looking but we all enjoyed it anyway.
 This lil girl had a hard time falling asleep because she was too excited.
 And Little G struggled falling asleep too.....although I don't think it's because he knew Santa was coming.
 Bubby was out pretty quickly....
 And so was Baby G.  Once all the kiddos were asleep we started bringing in the gifts.  It seemed like a lot of gifts for just three kiddos (We didn't get Baby G anything this Christmas).  We felt very blessed putting the gifts under the tree.  I vividly remember the Christmas before when we didn't have much money to spend on the kids.  I went to a thrift store and bought used toys for the kids.  It wasn't what was on their list and I probably didn't spend more than $100 total that Christmas.  But this Christmas we were doing much better financially and we felt so blessed to be able to get the kids things they had on their list.  It was fun buying for them and I couldn't wait to see their expressions in the morning when they started opening their gifts.
 Morning came early.....Little G was up by 5:45 and so we brought him in our bed to watch tv hoping that we could let the other kids sleep a little longer.
But this ornery 1 year old was too rambunctious to keep in bed so we decided to go ahead and wake everyone up. (Except Baby G....we let her sleep)
 Dad went into Bubby's room and shook him and said, "Santa's been here."  Bubby's head shot straight up and he said, "I KNEW IT!!!"
 Sissy was a lil harder to wake up....
 But then she went running toward the living room.
 All the kids coming into the living room to see the tree.
 Sissy saw her car right off and said, "This is what I wanted." 
 Little G was a little unsure of what was going on.
 He was pretty excited about Sissy's new car.
 We told the kids we wanted them to open their gifts one at a time so that we could watch them open up each present.
 Bubby's first gift.
 Sissy's first gift.
 Marley was not thrilled with all the chaos in our living room.  Either that or he was really wanting me to let him outside to go to the bathroom.
 Sissy got all of the Tinkerbell figurines.
 Little G got a new book.....still sitting in the pink car.
 At that point I realized that we hadn't opened our stockings first so we handed those to each kid.
 Digging into his stocking.
 Little G getting his stocking with a big stuffed dog sticking out of it.
 Sissy got some new Frozen slippers and was super excited.
 Looking for gifts with their name on it.
 Little G hadn't gotten the hang of pulling the wrapping paper off yet so he needed a little help.
 Bubby didn't need any help at all.
 He got a new star wars book to read.  He quickly figured out which presents were shaped like a book and saved those to open last.  He was more interested in the toys.
 Sissy opening a big present.
 Bubby thought she needed help.
 Little G's turn.
 All three kids opening his gift.  It was a tball set which he loved. 
 I love her reaction.
 Little G getting some swings in while the others kept opening gifts.
 A Hotwheels set....I had gotten a great deal on it....and once we opened it up I realized why it was such a great deal. 
 Still playing ball.
 We eventually ran out of the patience to open just one gift at a time and the kids started ripping open each gift as they found them.
 Sissy loved her new box of dress up clothes.
 Little G got new "choo choo" boots.
 Make-up for Sissy.
 This could be a disaster...but at least she's having fun.
 Dad and Bubby playing with one of Bubby's new games.
 Baby G woke up and I gave her a quick Christmas bath and put her in her Christmas outfit.
 She was very happy to be celebrating her first Christmas.
 Bubby dressed in his Christmas church clothes and his new Batman mask.  This Christmas landed on Sunday so after we opened presents we all then headed to church.  It was an interesting service because they didn't have child care for the kiddos.  Bubby and Sissy did good but Little G was way to energized for church.  I ended up out in the lobby with Little G and someone from church brought me Baby G because she was getting fussy in Mr. G's arms.  Then Mr. G came out with the other two because Sissy needed to go to the bathroom.  We were quite the site.
 Mr. G's family begged us to come up and do Christmas with them after church.  We were supposed to the night before but my nephew had the stomach bug.  I was pretty nervous about being around them just yet in case they were still contagious, but since my sister and brother-in-law were gonna be leaving the next day for a trip this was the only time we could get together for the next week.
 Sissy couldn't wait to open her gifts.
 Bubby G was super excited to see the Imaginext toys he got.
 A new scooter for Sissy.
 The kids were having a blast.
 Look at her happy face.
 Posing with her new baby doll.
 I was sitting in the chair holding this sweetheart while the presents were being opened.  She is getting to where she knows her Mama and loves to be in my arms.  I am definitely not complaining about that.
 The boys were opening their big gifts....
 And it was new electric scooters.
 Our lil cutie.
 We enjoyed a great dinner and the kids played and played and played.  After dinner we opened one of my nephews gifts and let the kids play it.  It was the Pie Face game.  When everyone was done playing I looked over and saw Sissy playing by herself...she wanted to get some of the whipped cream on her face. 
 The next morning Mr. G went back to work and we started playing with all the new toys in our house.  Bubby wanted to start building his new Legos.
 Sissy got some new Legos too and was excited to build on her own.
 It took some time but we got them all built.
 He was super excited.
 Baby G has tendency to cry.....HARD....while we are riding in the car to the point that she sweats through her clothes.  She was so sweaty and worn out that she conked out on me in just her diaper.
 This was when she woke up....there is something about a baby just in their diaper that is so cute.
 Sissy was playing with some of her princess figurines and their playmat.
 A pretty smile from Baby G.
 Proof that she hates her car seat.
 If you look really hard in the center of the Christmas tree you will see a blue and white kid bowl.  Who in the world put a bowl in the middle of the Christmas tree???
 I would put money on this character. 
 Sissy posing with a new outfit on.
 Another game the kids got for Christmas was Yedi In My Spaghetti.  We had a blast playing it as a family.
 Pretty smile.
 I cannot get enough of her smiles.
 Annnndddd...she spit up on me.  How does she make spit up even look cute???
 Unfortunately, a few days after Christmas Sissy starting throwing up around 10 at night.  She lasted for about 12 hours before she finally quit throwing up.  Poor girl.
 In the process of taking care of Sissy, I had to clean up and chase after this dude.  I caught him up on the cabinet and notice all of the marker lines on his feet.  I asked Mozzie if she had any advice on how to handle this lil boy and her response was, "Oh...the terrible twos.  Tie a brick to his feet." 
 She was finally feeling better and that made me very happy. 
 All the kids running around dancing together to their favorite songs.
 Definitely feel better.
Of course, Little G wanted to do it too. 

Thank you, Lord, for being with us through the holidays and for blessing us with so much to be thankful for.  Most of all, thank you for sending your son as a baby to be our Savior.....the best gift of all.

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