Thursday, January 5, 2017

Just Hanging Out

 My sweet girls posing for me. 
 Little G wanted in the picture too.  It was such a cute moment.....
 That didn't last long at all.  Poor Baby G.
 This particular evening, Sissy G had grabbed my devotional and was pretending it was her Bible.  She was preaching to me...although it sounded more like speaking in tongues, but it was adorable.
 Finishing her sermon with a prayer.  And as always, she's thankful for the food.
 Precious baby smiles.
 The look I get when I take too many pictures. 
 The kids wrestling....and as most wrestling sessions end in our house, someone got hurt and there was crying and hurt feelings. 
 Mr. G and I had put everybody to bed and went back in the living room to watch TV together.  When we went back to our room to go to bed, we found this stinker smiling back at us.
 He was being ornery and trying to get really close to the camera.  His ornery faces are even cute.
 Blowing bubbles.
 Check out this amazing big brother.  He is painting his sister's fingernails.
 He actually did a good job and Sissy was very thankful.
 Then he went and got her a princess crown and put it on her head.  He wanted her to feel like a princess.  It made my heart happy to watch.
 The crown wouldn't stay on but she was loving her pink nails.
 We had a very impactful church service on Sunday which involved an amazing prayer time.  Probably a Sunday I will never forget.  Baby G looked cute in her church clothes and really enjoyed the music.
After church, we took the older three kids to my parents house and Baby G, Mr. G and I went to St. Clair to shop for my birthday.  Unfortunately, I started feeling sick on the way there and we ended up heading back home not long after we got there.  Baby G and I stayed in the car while Mr. G did some extra clothes shopping.  Turns out I had my first case of mastitis.  The next day was my birthday and the first thing I did was call the doctor and get on an antibiotic.

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