Monday, March 6, 2017

Pictures From January

 Little G was sick on New Years Eve so me and him and Baby G stayed home while Mr. G and the two older kids went to a NYE party. 
Most of my New Years consisted of holding my two youngest babies and I was completely okay with that.
Bubby was being a big helper for me and volunteered to do the dishes.  I was loving this.
Rocking my sleeping baby.
Super girl on the run.
The cutest super girl ever.
She cracks me up.
It's not very often that I get to just sit down and play with Little G one-on-one so this was special. 
We set up the train tracks and took turns putting the trains around the track.
He absolutely loves trains.
Like....REALLY loves trains. 
I love this boy so much.
Little G was giving Marley kisses.
I'm not sure why my kids like Marley kissing them all over their face.
But they love it.
Pretty in purple.
It's the circle of life.... Baby G style.
Precious girl.
I found an old 2 month picture of me.
And when compared to Baby G.....we definitely look pretty similar.
Snuggling with my baby girl on my birthday.
We went to my mom's to have dinner and celebrate.  Mom made me a special blueberry crumble cake that was declious.
Happy birthday to me. 
Blowing out my candles.
Crazy enough, I wasn't feeling good on my birthday.  I actually came down with my first case ever of mastitis.  But I still enjoyed my birthday very much.
Talking to my girl.
Snuggles.  These pictures were taken by Bubby G.
Sound asleep at home. 
Bath time.
After she got her hair blown dry.
Cuddles with mommy.  I love all that squishiness.
Uhhhhhhhh....Look who got into the markers....again!
Momma was tickling him on the couch. 
Sleeping on momma.
Two on my lap....which is not unusual.  I have found that it's even possible to have all four of my babies on my lap at one time....but I can't guarantee that a fight won't break loose.
Little G was wearing Bubby's shirt and mask.  He thought he was hot stuff.
Smiling up at her daddy. 
Bubby G and Sissy G were both put in timeout and not allowed to get off their chair.  They used their timeout wisely and found a way to play.  Goofballs.
He poured salt all over the stove again.
Looking out at the snow.
Diaper changing time is also a great time to give momma lots of big grins.
Tummy time. 
Whoopsie....just a tad cross-eyed for the moment.
Love her precious eyes and all her cute little features.
Talking Sissy G into taking a Sunday afternoon nap.
This was Little G's first time playing in the snow.
He loved trying to catch the snowflakes falling.
Sissy cleaning off the four wheeler.
Baby G's first snow....but she was all bundled up and cozy in her car seat.
Whoops.  Momma accidently backed into the trash can. 
I went to go pick up Bubby from school and inevitably the only spot on my windshield that was freezing up was the spot right where I need to see.  Happens every time.
Ready to play in the snow.
He wanted to rake up the snow.
Precious boy.
Little G was keeping a close eye on him from inside and was desperately wanting to join him.
Innocent look.
This was about 15 minutes before we were expecting company.  I had worked hard to get the rest of the house picked up and cleaned and then walked into the living to this huge mess.
Playing in the snow with the neighbors.
Love all these kiddos.
Special memories being made getting to live right next door to some of their best friends.
I love his precious smile but, man oh man, is he ornery. 
Sissy wanted to sleep next to her baby sister.
I had read before bed and Mr. G had already gone to sleep.  When I came in our room to crawl in bed I wasn't sure if Mr. G was even in the bed.  I turned on the light to see just a little bit of him outline under the covers.  He was sound asleep.
Grocery shopping isn't always easy with kids tagging along.  I run out of space for groceries.
Hello World!!!
Ready for his basketball game.
Pretty girl in her specially made outfit.
They both got sweat bands for Christmas.
This girl never knows what she is going to wear.  I pick up her clothes several times a day. 
I worked in the toddler room at church for the month of January and I was blessed to snap this picture of Little G praying in his class.  This is one of my all time favorite pictures.

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