Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Photo Shoot

We had almost constant commotion in our hospital room following the delivery. Nurses for Baby G, nurses for me, doctors, lactation consultants, and even a lady wanting to give Baby G his first photo shoot. We decided to wait till Baby Gs second day because his face was so red from delivery. Right before we headed for home the lady stopped in and when the photo shoot was done we paid the $132 for the pictures and headed on our way. Super duper expensive but to a proud mama these pictures were priceless.

This is our family now. It is good that Baby G is in the middle of Mr. G and I because he is definitely the center of this family. Everything we do is centered around if it is best for Baby G. God has blessed us with this precious gift and we are taking that responsibility very seriously.
This picture melts my heart every time I see it. I have never seen my hubby so happy or cry so much. He is one proud Papa.
We ended up getting this picture in a 10x13 black and white as a free gift from the hospital. It is precious.
There is no way to describe how I felt holding my lil boy for the first time and the feeling is still there each time he lays in my arms. I know that he won't stay little long so I am enjoying each moment we have to snuggle.
He is one happy and content lil boy.
Aww...here you can see his precious eyes. I love this picture.
Sweet dreams lil man!!!
This picture shows off one of his dimples. I am afraid his adorable smile is going to have a lot of pull on my heart.

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Heather B (HomemadeMom) said...

Oh my goodness is that baby gorgeous! Looks like a perfect little cherub! Congratulations! It's amazing how completely your life changes when you have a baby. It's hard to comprehend the love a parent feels for a child, it is indescribable but we all feel it! Can't wait to see him in person!