Saturday, January 28, 2012

Clever Container

I am officially announcing that I am a new consultant for Clever Container.  It is a very clever company that specializes in organizational items for your house, car, and life.  
 Look at all the amazing stuff you receive when you become a consultant.  It felt like Christmas in the G house, and let me tell you...organization is something the G house needs.  Just an FYI, the baby was not part of the package.
 But Baby G is enjoying all of our new stuff.
 From file boxes, shoe storage, shelf dividers, and much much more.
 Baby G liked showing off the couponizer.  He is all about saving $$$.
 And the bag he is sitting in is actually a handy bag to have in the trunk of your car to store your groceries in for the trip home from the grocery store.  Or, of course, you could use it as a baby carrier as I am doing here.
 Mmmm...and apparently the belt hanger is very tasty as well as a great organizational item.
 Yes.....very tasty.
Already becoming a consultant has been a fun experience.  I suggest you go to to see all of their other wonderful items.  And if you are up for it you can contact me for any further information on purchasing products, hosting a party, or becoming a consultant.  Baby G looks forward to hearing from you.

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