Friday, January 6, 2012

Graduating from the Bumbo

I am sad to say that Baby G has officially graduated from his bumbo.  We have thoroughly enjoyed using it and will use it again with any other children God blesses us with, but it's time with Baby G is over.
One reason is because....Baby G's legs just don't fit in the bumbo anymore.  If he has some really slippery pants on then we can get him in and out of it without too much trouble, but otherwise it is almost impossible.  Another reason is he has started something new while he is on the bumbo.  Mr. G and I say he is riding his bronco because that is exactly what it looks like.  Baby G looks like he is sitting on the back of a bronco that is bucking him all around.  Watch this video and see for yourself.

Doesn't it look like bronco riding?  Anyway, Baby G will now be using the high chair which he seems to like just fine.
So long, bumbo.  You've served us proud.

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lolopete said...

Maybe the little guy has bull riding or rodeo in his future? ;)