Friday, January 6, 2012


Um...Interesting story.
Yesterday I had my first fire in the house.  Now there was one time in college when the fire department showed up at my apartment because I over cooked my chicken and set the whole apartment building's fire alarm off.  But this was different.  There was no fire department, but there was an actual fire.  Let me just add that nobody was hurt.

Can you tell what was once in this pot?
If you guessed a pacifier you would be right.  You see, I thought it would be a good idea to boil Baby G's pacifier to get rid of bacteria and germs.  I've done it many times before only this time I put it in the boiling water and forgot about it.  I went in the back room to play with the boys and about 30-45 minutes later I started smelling something awful.  At first I thought our neighbor was burning something, but then I realized it was coming from my kitchen.  I ran in the kitchen just in time to see the whole pacifier burst into flames.  Whoopsie.  Praise God their was no damage and all that will need to be replaced is the pacifier and the pot.  Mr. G informed me that from now on I should set a timer.  I'm thinking that is a good idea.

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