Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Nephew's 1st Birthday Party

For my nephew's 1st birthday  he had a baseball themed party with lots of friends and family over to celebrate.
 He had a huge baseball cake to eat but he was too shy to really dig in.

 I am sure that it is a bit scary to see a dozen people smiling at you and taking pictures.
 But he handled it well.  Looks like that cake is gooood.

Baby G didn't enjoy all the excitement going on in the kitchen but he did enjoy playing on the piano in the other room.  We had to take his pants off because he got hot during the party.
 Wow....his hand looks huge in this picture.
 Here's the birthday boy opening up his presents.
 Baby G enjoyed clapping while his cousin opened presents.
 Baby G is always a happy boy if there is a ball anywhere around.
 A very happy boy!!
 My nephew got a new red wagon for his birthday so we thought it would be cute to take both boys for a ride.
 And it was cute until.....
 Baby G got his hair pulled by his cousin.  We tried separating them on the wagon but it didn't matter.
 A little later we were able to take Baby G on a ride all by himself and he seemed to enjoy that a lot better.
 Then we tried to take a picture of the two boys in my  nephew's new chair....but my nephew tried to eat Baby G's toes and that didn't go over very well with Baby G.
Hopefully Baby G will be happier at his 1st birthday party which isn't too far away!!!

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