Sunday, April 29, 2012

A Trip To The Zoo

That's right....We took Baby G on his first trip to the St. Louis Zoo.
Ready or not, we come!!!

 But first things first....we had to eat lunch.
Not sure how to explain this face.  I took this picture right after he ate a bite of chicken...actually it was organic meatless chicken....hmmm....maybe that explains the face.
After lunch we were off searching for animals.  Baby G's cousin asked probably a dozen times if she could push Baby G through the zoo and we finally said yes.
 But she almost ran over a few people so Mr. G had to help out a little.
 Still in search of animals....

 One of the first animals we saw were the gorillas and the kids loved watching them play together.
 Here's my brother and my nephew enjoying the day while the lil girls watched the gorillas put on a show.
 This picture was taken at the entrance of the bird house.
 Here's my brother and his kids in front of the pond in the bird house.
 Not sure what this bird is called but it was close enough to me to get a good picture.
 Looking for birds.
 It was a pretty cool area.
 Here's the three kids looking in on a deer. was a deer with stripes....not sure the exact name.
 Here's the boys checking it out.

 Finally we got Baby G out of his stroller so he could really enjoy the zoo.
 And he started really getting into it.
 We were having a blast.

 Baby G was looking at his first kangaroo.
 The kids loved watching it jump around.....and truthfully so did I.  I think God had fun making animals.
 Baby G enjoyed looking through the fence at all the different animals.
 He also enjoyed playing with his big cousin.  These two are so cute together.
 My beautiful niece.
 I love this picture.  Baby G is even up on his tiptoes checking out some animals like...
 the giraffes and ostriches.
 These two were so cute together.
 Two happy girls....

 My two boys....
 Two grandparents.....and a....
 ..... Donkey.
 I loved how Baby G's eyes would get real big when he would see an animal.

 Umm....this picture was taken right outside of the bathroom....not a neat story but ended up being one of my favorite pictures.
 At one point we were walking over a bridge and looked down to see this huge tiger walking around.  It was pretty cool.
 Here's Gampa getting ready to take a picture of the....
 We all were cracking up at how proper my nephew was sitting.
 This was inside of the monkey house.  Unfortunately after the monkey house we got hit with a pretty bad storm.  We found shelter in a tent where they kept a store and a pond full of sting rays.
 Gampa and Baby G had fun while we waited out the storm.
When the storm was over we headed home but not before we took a family picture in front of the water fall. When the day was all over and we were driving home Mr. G asked me what my favorite part of the whole day was?  That was easy.  It was watching Baby G as his eyes would light up at each new animal and us all getting to be together to experience it.  It was a wonderfully blessed day.


Kaitlin said...

Ahh!! You should have text me and told me you were coming! Caleb and I would have met you guys down there! :)

Mrs. G said...

Aww man. That would've been so much fun. Next time I will!!!