Tuesday, March 25, 2014

I'm An Aunt....Again

And Sissy G is a big cousin.  And by the looks of it she loves having a new baby cousin.
But can you blame her.  Look at this lil cutie.
I have a feeling this is the first of many kisses she will be giving this lil guy.
Conked out on his mommy.  Absolutely precious.
Sissy enjoying her favorite toy....a ball.
Here's a silly picture for ya.  The boys were having fun screaming in the playroom and I caught this silly picture of the boys.  They crack me up.
Here's the adorable older brother.  Love that ornery smile.
And today is actually Grandma G's birthday.  Happy Birthday, Grandma!  These kiddos sure do love you!!!
One more cute picture of my new lil nephew.
And how bout one more of the adorable big brother.
I absolutely love being a mom and wife but the next best thing is being an aunt.  I hope each one of my nieces and nephews know just how much I love them.

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