Saturday, March 1, 2014


It is funny how things are going on like normal and then all of a sudden a kiddo starts doing new thing after new thing.  First this big girl started crawling and then about a week later she pulls herself up for the first.  She is getting too big too fast.
She is already 8 months old and the thought of her turning a year old in just 4 months completely blows my mind.  That seriously cannot be possible.  I could've swore that it was just last week that my water broke.
I was in the process of giving Bubby a bath the other night when I looked over and there was Sissy standing up.  I had to do a double take.  I was shocked and apparently so was Sissy.
"I can't believe that just happened!!!"
I'm thinking she got her strength to pull herself up from the green beans she had at supper.  At least the green beans that made it into her mouth.
And she didn't skip a beat the next day.
You just can't keep this girl down.  I sat on the floor with her and she even pulled herself up by holding onto my shirt.
Our whole world definitely just changed!

Video of Sissy Pulling Up

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