Monday, February 24, 2014

Just Hangin' At Home

Last Friday we had a chance to stay home all day and just play.  Most days we usually try to find something fun to do by visiting friends or family or having play dates but this particular day we had absolutely no plans.  I think we were all a lil bit excited about a day spent at home.
But a day spent at home means coming up with fun things to do.  One of the first things we did was get out some of the money in our piggy bank to play with it.  First we worked on organizing the money by quarters, nickles, dimes, and pennies. 
Then we started making designs with the money.
Bubby G made this but I can't remember what he said it was.  He definitely was very proud of it, though.
Together we made a rocket ship.
Then we tried building towers with the money.  Who would've thunk that money could be so much fun.
He enjoyed trying to get the coins to stick to his foot.
Silly Boy!!
Then we heard a train whistle off in the distance heading our way.  A train can't go by without Bubby running to see it out the window.
And believe it or not....every train that goes by our house is the Polar Express heading to the North Pole.  Last night Bubby asked me if we could go to the North Pole.  I told him it was too far of a drive and that we wouldn't make it back in time for supper.  He turned to Mr. G and said, "I'm sorry, daddy, but we can't go to the North Pole.  No we get back in time for supper.  Sorry daddy."  It was adorable.
We had to stare out the window until the train was completely gone.
Then it was time to pick up the money and put it back in our piggy bank.  I must apologize that most of these pictures will have Bubby in only his underwear.  I seriously cannot get this boy to wear clothes unless we are leaving the house.....and even then it's difficult.
Here comes Sissy crawling down the hallway.  This girl can make her way all around our apartment now which has been a major adjustment.  The funny thing is she breathes loudly sometimes when she is crawling like it is really hard work.  Crack me up.
Eating some oranges.  Not sure what is up with his tummy here.  Mr. G calls it his body building pose.  It was funny though cuz Bubby would just burst out laughing while eating his oranges and he would say, "These oranges are making me laugh."
Then we got bundled up to head to the park.
This lil guy was super excited.
Especially that he got to be the one to hold Marley's leash.
Enjoying the sunshine.
Poor Marley!  Having a 2 year old hold your leash probably isn't the funnest thing in the world.
Okay....this lil seal that Bubby is sitting on....looks like fun, right?....WRONG.  It is not fun.  I was sitting on a white horse next to him while holding Sissy and it was the most uncomfortable thing ever.  I have bruises to prove it. Won't be doing that again.
Moving on to bigger and better things.
It has been way to long since we have got to do this because of the freezing temperatures and snow.  Bubby was having a blast.
Then I took Sissy up with me to go down a slide together.
And Bubby went down to the bottom to catch us.
This slide was particularly slow that day.  Bubby literally moved at a snails pace going down it....but he didn't seem to mind.
Then we saw the swings off in the distance and headed that way.
Sissy wasn't too sure at first but that only lasted a milli-second before...
She was all smiles.
I sure do love that grin.
And this one too.  He was having a blast!!
First time swinging side by side.  If you are ever wondering where we are or are having trouble finding us...make sure to check the swings cuz I have a feeling we will be racking up some miles on them this summer.
She thought it was the greatest thing.
She loves swings just as much as....
Her Bubby does.
And, yes!!!  We have definitely hit a growth spurt here lately.  Notice the pants.  Bubby is eating everything in site and is complaining of his knees hurting from the growing pains.  But this silly boy doesn't want to be big.  He is adamant that he wants to stay small forever.
On the walk back to the apartment Marley got extremely tangled up in the leash.  I gotta say it again.... Poor Marley.
This is Bubby's pouting face.  I told him it was time to go inside because the wind was pretty cold.
He put his head down and said, "But, Moooom, I really love Marley and he needs me to walk him."  I think if dogs could talk Marley would've jumped in about now and been like, "Whaaaat?  This boy is CRAZY!" 
Still pouting.  But once I offered him food he came on inside.
Now for his "I'm hungry" face.
And telling me that his tummy needs food.  So dramatic.
Strawberries..... one of his favorites.
The whole time Sissy was just chillin'.... enjoying herself some chews on the dog leash.
Another one of his favorites....square cheese!
Sissy enjoying a lil snack herself.
And we decided that Marley deserved a biscuit too.
Then we did a lil dish washing.  Right now I can't do the dishes without my lil helper right there with me.  I hope this comes in handy later in life.
Then it was nap time.  This lil girl had gotten in a terrible habit of not only sleeping in our bed but that she either had to be nursing or sucking on my finger in order to fall asleep and stay asleep.  I was getting very little sleep so I followed my mom's advice and put this sweet girl in her crib and let her cry it out.  This was the second day of it.  I put her in her crib awake and put my phone around the corner to watch her without her seeing me.  First she sat straight up in her crib and cried....waving her hands all around.
Then she went down on her belly....still crying....
Then she laid her head down....but she was still crying.
It only took about 5-10 minutes and she was asleep.  Super excited Mama here.  She's definitely getting the hang of it.
As far as laying Bubby down for a nap..... Now that he's sharing a room with his sister I usually try to get him asleep first in the living room and then I carry him into his bed to sleep.  I don't risk waking Sissy up.  Lately he has been making a tunnel between our coffee table and couch.  You can see the ipad, his lunch, and his pacifier all under the tunnel with him.
I love watching this boy's imagination growing.  He is growing up so fast.
Then he decided he wanted to sleep in his tunnel too.
That seemed easy enough.  But I guess it wasn't too comfortable cuz after about 5 minutes he went up on the chair and fell asleep there.
After nap smiles and bed head.
Back to play time....and back to only wearing our underwear.
The little balls bouncing around in this toy were really getting Sissy's attention.
I'm excited that Sissy is crawling but her favorite room to go in is the bathroom.  I think it's because she loves bath time so much.  But I can only imagine the germs on her hands especially with an older brother who doesn't always aim real good into the potty.  This lil stinker even got the drawer open.
Busted!!  I think we'll be keeping the bathroom door shut for a while.
Then I see Bubby standing at the back door and I'm wondering 'what in the world is he doing?'
I think the puddle on the concrete says it all. 
Playing trains and waiting for daddy to get home from work.
Sissy enjoyed watching The Little Mermaid for the first time.
When daddy got home it was time for dinner and lately Bubby has been saying the prayer before our meal.  He'll usually say something like, "Fadder God!  Thank you for dis food.  Fadder God!  Thank you for dis healfy food.  Fadder God!  Amen!"  I love it.  For some reason there is no sound on the video...but you get the drift.
Because of not getting as much sleep at night with her getting used to her new bed and new routine Sissy gets tired really early on at night.  Gotta love her hand resting on the table.
I couldn't keep her awake on my lap so I gave her to daddy and he started playing music on his phone and got her laughing.
And....Surprise...Surprise...Bubby was watching Polar Express.  I gotta say that I am definitely Polar Expressed out!  But I'm glad that Bubby enjoys it.  At random times through out the day he'll yell out things like "Hardware Shimers....Hardware Shimers!!!"  Just like the kids do on the show along with several other quotes.
Um....guessing daddy couldn't keep her awake either.  The problem is that daddy doesn't get to cuddle with Sissy as much as he would like with how much he works so as soon as she laid her head on his shoulder there was no way he was going to move her.  He was in hog heaven.  Love this picture!!!
Our day was fun!  It's the simple days....the days just hangin' at home that can be the most fun.  But honestly, every day being a wife and mom is the best day ever.  I couldn't feel more blessed!

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