Friday, February 14, 2014

Happy Valentine's Day!!

 Our service project for this month was to make valentines and to pass them out to people at a nursing home or assisted living facility.
He worked very hard on his valentines.
Then on February 14 we went to Heritage Woods Assisted Living in Centralia to pass them out.  It had just started snowing as we were walking in.  I had no idea how Bubby was going to do with passing out his valentines because he is normally very shy.
And this lil girl has become very attached to her mommy lately so I was a bit worried about how she would do too.
To my surprise Bubby started pulling valentine's out of his bag right away and began handing them out to the people.  I was shocked and thrilled!!
Carrying his bag from person to person.
He didn't act scared one bit.
He wouldn't talk to anybody but every time someone would say, "You are just the sweetest lil boy," Bubby would smile and nod his head.
Digging for more.
We got there just before lunch time so as more people would stroll in Bubby would be there with a valentine and a smile.
I was so proud of him.
A guy was very slowly walking down the hallway toward Bubby.  Instead of Bubby walking the valentine to him Bubby stood there holding it up for the guy to see as if it would be his big prize if he was able to walk all the way to him.  
Through all this Sissy was sitting wide-eyed on my lap taking it all in.
It didn't take long before we hard a crowd around us.
Then one of the ladies asked to hold Sissy.
I thought for sure that she was going to cry but she didn't.  I cannot even tell you how excited these people were.
Sissy kept a close eye on me though.  And I don't know why her nose is bright red.  Maybe she was more in the Valentine spirit than I thought.
In the background you can see Bubby meeting and greeting all the people coming down the hallway.
After a while the crowd slowed down so we sat down and would wait for people to come through.
And then when he would see someone new coming he would pop up to go give them a card.
He was so proud of himself.
He even gave one of the sweet ladies a hug.
Then we ran into a lil trouble.  This man was a worker and was wanting to get a picture of Sissy and Bubby.  Bubby didn't want any part of it and even though I told the guy that he was a two year old and probably wasn't going to smile for him, he still went over and tried to tickle Bubby to make him smile for a picture.
Needless to say it terrified Bubby and he ran over and grabbed hold of my legs and just cried. 
We quickly left after that.  But while we had been inside it had really started snowing.
You can see all the snow that got in our car while I was buckling Sissy in her carseat. 
Bubby thought it was hilarious that I had snow on my head.
We had a slow drive home.  Once we got home Bubby started saying,
"No me want that guy to get me!"
"He got my back."
"No me like that guy."
"Please don't let that guy get me, Mommy!"
It broke my heart.  We had such a wonderful experience but I'm afraid that the only thing Bubby will remember is the man "trying to get him."
When we got home I was able to get the kiddos to pose for a quick Valentine picture for me. This is one of my favorite pictures of the two of them.
Once Bubby laid down for a nap then Sissy and I started playing together.
Dressed in her Valentine red.
Then the neatest thing about today was that Sissy finally started crawling.  She has been crawling backwards for 2-3 weeks now but today she finally crawled forward a couple steps before she went flat on her belly and started floppin.  In the video down below you can see her take one step forward and then scooting backwards again.  But this is definitely a crawl in the right direction.
Happy Valentine's to all but especially my sweet hubby and amazing kiddos.  Thank you for making life so much fun!

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