Thursday, February 13, 2014

First Sleepover and More

I think I was just as excited about Bubby's upcoming sleepover as he was.  He talked about it constantly and kept wanting to know when his cousin was coming over.  He would grab my watch and say, "We leave in 15 minutes to get my cousin.  Okay, mom!"  Finally it really was time to pick him up and those boys were so excited.  You can kinda see them sitting in the back of the car.
This was my nephews first time to our new place so Bubby was really excited to show him his new room.
Then they headed out to the living room to play trains.
Washing their hands for supper.
The boys picked out spaghetti for their slumber party meal.  My nephew asked if he could serve himself the spaghetti and he actually did a really good job.  And, of course, Bubby wanted to serve himself too.
Doing good so far.
Um....Maybe I put the plate in the wrong spot.
Of course, the best way to clean it up is by using the tongs.
Or maybe it's the more fun way.
The boys enjoyed their spaghetti and 2 minutes later....
They were done.
We got baths and put jammies on.  My nephew had superman jammies with a cape and then he wore Bubby's Jake and The Neverland Pirates bandana all night long.  In fact, halfway through the night he informed me that his name was now Jake.
Playing with the ship from the show Jake and The Neverland Pirates.  Just a will be hearing "Jake and The Neverland Pirates" a lot on this post.
The cutest superman pirate I've ever seen.
The boys had a blast playing together.
And Sissy did a good job putting up with the boys.
It was finally time for bed and so we put sleeping bags on the floor, both boys grabbed their Thomas blankeys.  My nephew had his security blanket and his puppy that he sleeps with every night and Bubby, of course, had his pacifier.  The boys didn't fall asleep until after 10 and when a train came roaring by the next morning at 7:00 they were back awake.
Battling a lil bedhead and some rosy cheeks this morning.
Back to playing Jake and The Neverland Pirates.
Breakfast time!  The boys had chocolate oatmeal.  I took a bite and personally thought it was disgusting but they loved it.
Apparently once breakfast is done that means it's time to go wake up Sissy.
Luckily, Sissy is laid back and didn't seem to mind the early morning wake up call.
Playing play dough. My nephew made everyone a ball and Bubby tried to make a play dough version of Gampa.
Trying to build a Mickey Mouse Clubhouse out of Legos.
After a run to Wal-Mart it was time for our afternoon naps.  Bubby fell asleep on the chair with Marley by his side.
And my nephew slept soundly on Bubby's bed.
While the boys slept Sissy played.
And ate.
After their nap the boys snuggled up on the chair.  When it was time for my nephew to leave Bubby cried.  But he was better once he realized we were going up north to see his other cousin.  Talk about a fun weekend.
My nephew has had a rough couple of weeks.  He was diagnosed with juvenile diabetes a few weeks ago but this lil man has been quite the trooper through it all.  We watched him take his insulin shots and check his blood sugar and he did amazing.  Here he is with his mom trying out the roller skates we bought him.
Both boys got Jake and The Neverland Pirates swords from Grandma and Papa for Valentines Day.  They enjoyed having sword fights.
The blurry figure is my nephew jumping super high on his trampoline.
I could possibly consider Sissy's first crawl here because she stepped forward with both hands and then kind of hopped forward with both legs.  She is for sure getting really close to crawling.
Bubby and my nephew jumping on the trampoline together. 
Then it was time to open more Valentine's Day presents.  Sissy could hardly wait.
Bubby running to show me his new Scooby Doo jammies.  He also got more jammies, a shirt, some books, and Jake and The Neverland Pirates dominoes.
The boys couldn't wait to get their Scooby-Doo jammies on.  It was adorable. 
We made it home extremely late that night but we felt very blessed for all the family time we had over the weekend.

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