Friday, February 21, 2014


These two cuties were playing in their room together the other night when Bubby decided to be silly and crawl under Sissy's crib. 
Sissy instantly started wondering where her Bubby went to.
But she couldn't quite figure out how to look under the crib.  Bubby tried to help her out by peeking out from under the crib skirt.
It was really confusing to her.  She could hear him but couldn't see him.  She knew where he was but didn't know how to get to him.
Finally he came out.
Have I ever mentioned what a great big brother he is.
After Bubby left to go play catch with Daddy in the living room Sissy noticed Bubby's Woody doll.
She was very excited!
Until Woody accidentally hit her in the head while she was trying to eat his nose.  I told her that Woody didn't mean was an accident...
And she quickly forgave him.
But then she decided to take Woody and try to crawl under the crib just like Bubby did.
Little bit by little bit she scooted further and further back.
Pushing Woody back with her.
Just a lil bit further.
Her and Woody made it about half way in before she realized....
It wasn't much fun being stuck under the crib. 
One of the best things about this blog is it helps me remember moments that I otherwise would forget about.  But now I will always remember the first time Bubby and Sissy played Hide-N-G-Seek together and for that I am very thankful.  I sure do love these silly kids.

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