Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Cookies for the Fire Fighters

I set a challenge for our church family to try and complete one service project each month for the entire year of 2014.  January was crazy for us with moving but towards the end of the month we were able to get in our first service project.  For the month of January we decided to bake cookies and give them to the local fire fighters.  My goal is to find a project that is age appropriate for Bubby and this one seemed to fit just right. 
We beat the eggs and put them in a bowl and had Bubby pour the eggs into the mixture.  He accidentally dropped the entire bowl in..... Whoops.  When we went to pull the bowl out he said, "I was just trying to build a sand castle." 
 Then we measured the oil...
And Bubby helped pour it in.
Stirring it all up.
Sissy was enjoying herself while we baked.
Hard at work.
Sometimes Sissy starts to crawl and ends up falling on her face.  We look over and she's laying in this position with her hand up as if to say, "Uh.... A little help here."
That's better.  Thanks Boppy.
Bubby got the batter stirred and he was starting to add the chocolate chips.  He was adding the chocolate chips just a few at a time so I had to put the camera down and show him how to dump the whole bag in.  We didn't have all was gonna be nap time soon.
While the cookies baked in the oven we enjoyed reading books and watching the trains go by.
We also got a visit from my aunt who stopped in just as Bubby was testing out the first cookie.  Looks like the chocolate chips were still a bit gooey."
Bubby was so proud of the cookies.  Now we just had to talk him into going to the fire department.  When I thought of this service project I was thinking that Bubby would like to go to the fire department to see the firemen and the firetrucks.  But every time I would bring it up he was say, "No me like firemen."..... and...."No me like firetrucks.  I only like cars."  This could be interesting.
Bubby has a friend his age that we get together to do play dates with often and I decided to invite them along.  They baked cookies at their home and then we met up the next day to deliver the cookies to the fire department close to where they live.
Pulling up to the fire department.
The boys walking in.  They were so excited!!....Well.... Bubby's friend was excited.  Bubby was just wanting to get it over with so we could go back to his friends house to play.
We gave the cookies to the fireman and then he offered to show us around.  The first thing he showed us was the lights on his truck.
Bubby's friend went out there and looked while Bubby stay back and observed with a straight look on his face.  At least he's not crying, I guess.
Getting a lil more brave and acting a lil more excited.
This is Bubby's friend.  He was talking the fireman's leg off he was so excited.
He even jumped at the idea of getting in the truck and driving.  Bubby....not so much.
I handed Sissy off to the fireman so I could get in the truck with Bubby but he still wouldn't do it.  I have to admit that part of my reason for doing this was because Sissy was starting to get really heavy and my arm was getting really tired.
I did get a picture with my lil man in front of the fire truck though.  And he is smiling....of course that might've been from the fact that I was tickling his leg while we were taking the picture.
We were off to see more.
This lil trailer carried all of their stuff that was used to clean up chemical spills and such.  This was the boys' favorite spot.  They kept coming back here during the tour.
A quick picture of everybody sitting behind the truck.
And then the boys ran back to the trailer.
They were so silly.
And why not add Sissy in the mix too.  The fire fighter was so sweet to let the kids play.
 Group hug.
And one of just sweet Sissy....rosy cheeks and all.
We then saw where the firemen slept.
And then headed upstairs to see their workout room.  I guess Bubby must've been standing in the direct sunlight in this picture.  I was gonna snap another but he was needing my help up the stairs so I hurried along.
The boys loved the workout room exercise ball.
There is something about a boy and balls.  Bubby's friend was even willing to try and pick up the medicine ball.
Well...the tour was over and it was time to go.  This picture is weird looking but it was of Bubby jumping up and down once he heard it was time to go and that we were going to his friend's house to play.
And then as we were leaving the boys stopped to have a lil pow-wow on the floor so I sat Sissy down arm needed a break.  They talked for a minute or so and then we headed on our way. 
All-in-all it was a fun project.  The firefighters seemed to be excited about the cookies and hopefully they felt appreciated for all the work they do for our community.  Plus the boys had a blast.  And believe it or not Bubby came home and started playing with his toy firetruck and then after a minute or so he stopped and said, "Oh...that's right.  I don't like firetrucks"....and he put the truck away laughing.  

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