Saturday, August 16, 2014


Its been a VERY long time since I was last on here and I have missed it dearly.  Things have been crazy this year plus we had a computer that would not cooperate and so blogging was virtually impossible.  But I'm glad to say we are back and with much to report.
We have gone through a lot of changes this year.  Both Bubby G and Sissy G have been growing like weeds and are an absolute joy to be around.  We have moved from our home area up north a little over an hour and are enjoying the process of getting settled in.  We also found out that we are....

Expecting baby #3.  We are all very excited but none more than big brother Bubby G.  He went with me on my first ultrasound and has been talking about the baby ever since.  In fact from day one of knowing about the baby he has had a name picked out.  Our third child will be named "Sugar Baby."  Well....we will call it Sugar Baby for now but once it is born we might have to intervene and come up with a more appropriate name for the baby.  But for right now it is Sugar Baby and according to Bubby G Sugar Baby is definitely a boy.
Here is our first ultrasound picture of lil Sugar Baby.  I was only 10 weeks along at the time but the baby was already moving around and we could see its arms and legs wiggling about.  Definitely brought tears to my eyes.  It never gets old seeing your baby for the first time.
I mentioned how excited Bubby is about having a baby so with his amazing three year old imagination he has been pretending that this lil baby doll is his Sugar Baby and has been taking care of it.
Putting Sugar Baby in a stroller.
Taking him home to their lil house.
Changing his diaper.
And giving him a bottle.
Looks like Sugar Baby doesn't mind sharing the bottle with Bubby G.
At one point Bubby told me that its time for Sugar Baby's birthday.  I asked how old Sugar Baby was and he said he's turning 1 but he's gonna be turning 3 in a second minute. 

Please note that Bubby is in his underwear because he is having a huge fascination with being Underwear he likes to call himself.
And in case you are wondering about Sissy G....she is doing Great.  This was after she enjoyed her morning smore's pancake. 
  It was a treat for sure and left us heading to the bath after she was done.
Time to play in the playhouse.
Lots of peek-a-boo through the window.
This house is the first house that we have had a dishwasher so we are getting used to dealing with a toddler who is wanting to constantly be in the dishwasher.
 I definitely appreciate her willingness to want to help.  And I don't want to destroy her curiosity towards clean dishes....however...I'm not sure how much longer the dishwasher is gonna last with the way Sissy G likes to do dishes.
This is sweet Sissy G in the dishwasher and this is her after I had to tell her no and to get down...
Completely heartbroken.....and I'm talking about me.  I hate seeing her face like that but I know its for the best.  Hopefully she has learned to stay out of the dishwasher for now.
Of course I go in the other room to help Bubby with Sugar Baby and I come back to this.
Ornery I tell ya.
One of the best things about our new home is living a couple blocks from the park.  The kids and I will head to the park at least once a day if not twice.
They recently built this lil house and Bubby has enjoyed climbing up the chimney.
This was him giving me a thumbs up but I was a lil late in snapping the picture.
Going for a ride.
Guess she won't be getting her pilots license anytime soon since she doesn't understand which side of the steering wheal she should be driving on.
Yep....definitely not ready for her license.
Crawling around.
Smashed faces.
Running around...
Skeeter bites....
Almost falling.
We definitely enjoy our time at the park.
This picture was actually taken last weekend when Bubby G and I went on a date.  We got to go see a musical of 101 Dalmatians at a local theater.  We had a great time together and while we were gone Daddy got to spend some quality time just with his lil girl. 
Another fun adventure we had recently was seeing a petting zoo that was traveling through town.  Bubby G and Sissy G both fell in love with the animals.  Bubby was giving hugs left in right to all different kinds of animals.  Luckily they had the black panther, lion, and white tiger put back in cages to where Bubby couldn't hug them....otherwise I'm certain he would've tried.
Sissy G enjoyed jabbering and making growling noises to the animals.
We even got to feed the animals.
This picture cracks me up because you can see the fear in Bubby G's eyes of the tiger in the cage behind him.  It was like he didn't want to take his eyes off of the tiger.  On the way home from the zoo Bubby informed us of how much he loved the animals, how the animals need him, and how much he is gonna miss them.  This kid definitely has a heart for animals.
 This is Bubby's artwork.  I love watching this kid draw.
 One of the best things about our new home is the playroom.  No more toys in the kids' rooms.  It has been so nice and so much easier to clean up.  Plus the kids love it.
The hardest things about this new season in our life is the news that my Mama is battling cancer again.  This time it has travelled outside of her bladder and appears to be in her kidneys, ureter tubes, and pelvis as well.  We are praying and believing that The Lord will heal our sweet Nana and that this will be nothing more than a speed bump in her life.  She has been positive and optimistic and faithful through it all and I couldn't be more proud of her. 
Very excited to finally be back blogging and I'm looking forward to all The Lord has in store for our family. 


Lauren Peters said...

Congratulations on your exciting news!! So sorry to hear about your mom - will be sending prayers and warm hugs you way!! xoxo

Mrs. G said...

Thanks Lauren....that means a lot!!!