Sunday, August 24, 2014

Daddy's Home and More

Many of the following pictures are blurry but my phone could just not keep up with the excitement in the house.  Nothing better in all the world to these two kids then when their daddy gets home for work. 
And trust me when I say that daddy gets lots of lovin' when he gets home.
This particular night was a blast to just sit back and watch.  Even if I couldn't see the fun they were having the giggles alone were awesome.
Sissy was cracking up.
The fun thing for the night was having dad fly you through the air.
They couldn't get enough of it.
Even though daddy probably had a very long day at work and still hadn't had a chance to eat supper (actually I don't think he had eaten breakfast or lunch either that day....he's one of those that forgets to eat....THAT I will never understand) he still played and played with the kids until they had laughed themselves silly.
Watching Bubby flying through the air.
Having daddy home is definitely the best.
I thought I would add some random cute pictures of the kiddos from the last few days.  I love how Sissy was sitting on the bean bag to watch TV.  Silly girl.
Of course Sugar Baby has been tagging along with us wherever we go.  Bubby now insists that Sugar Baby sits in the back buckled in the seat belt.  Safety first.
Love this picture.  I was taking a picture of dinner in the oven to send to Mr. G so he would know what was for supper and you can see in the reflection my lil helper.  I love that she follows me around so much and wants to be with me.  I know to enjoy it now cuz I'm sure as she gets older it won't be as cool to be in the kitchen with mom.
How bout this cute picture my sister-in-law took when they came over for a visit.  She looks so sweet and innocent.
Well....maybe she's not THAT innocent.  Lil stinker still cant stay out of the dishwasher.
Playing with Bubby's hat while Bubby and daddy were in Aldi's finishing up the shopping.
Where'd she go???
Beautiful girl dressed in yellow for church this morning.  It is so much fun dressing up a lil girl.

We sure are loving life!!

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Lauren Peters said...

Two of the cutest kids EVER!! So happy to see them back on the blog :)