Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Homeschool Group at the YMCA

 We signed up Bubby for a homeschool group at the YMCA where he will be learning a sport each time and taking swimming lessons.  We were very nervous but very excited to see how he would do with instruction from others and needing to follow directions. 

Click on the link to the following video and see Bubby's first reaction to playing a game with the other kids.  Typical Bubby style.  It tends to take him a bit to warm up.

First Few Minutes of Class Video

 It took about 5 minutes of acting shy and scared...
Before he finally joined in.  It helped that they started playing Red Light, Green Light, one of Bubby's favorite games. 
 Now I'm happy.
After 10+ games of Red Light, Green Light they sat the kids back down and asked the kids who knows what soccer is.  Bubby followed everyone else and raised his hand.
Then the workers paired the kids up to practice kicking the ball back n forth.  Bubby's partner was a four year old and for their age they both did very well.
They were working on kicking the ball with the inside of their foot just like their teacher told them.  Bubby did very well listening to instructions and playing with others. I was very proud of him.
After soccer practice came swim lessons.  I was very nervous about how Bubby was going to do because #1.  He can't swim a lick #2. He has been crying about not wanting to go to swim lessons for weeks now. 
We hooked him up with this belt that would keep him a float. 
This was his teacher for swim lessons.
She was showing Bubby that you need to blow bubbles in the water like you blow on food when it is hot.  He was a little stand off-ish with her at first but she had a great personality and...
 He eventually trusted her....sort of.  He was supposed to be doing a back float with her here but he's got a death grip on her arm.
 Nevertheless, he was very proud of himself.
 Love that he was enjoying the pool.
 The kids were lined up holding onto the wall to practice their kicking.
 Bubby did a great job kicking.
 Playing with his new friend.
 He loved the stairs most of all.
 Doing the breast-stroke.... I think that's what it is called.
 I noticed while we were sitting there Sissy had two huge skeeter bites....one on her hand and one on her knee.  My kids get bit more than anyone I know.
 Sissy really enjoyed watching her Bubby swim.  She was exhausted herself though from playing with the other toddlers in the daycare.
 My lil man is growing up.
 Walking around the pool.  I couldn't take very many pictures of her doing this cuz she was gravitating to the water constantly.  Of course, the only one I did get she didn't have her eyes open.  Still cute, though.
 This was after the teacher took the kids down to the deep end and had them jump in and let Bubby go all the way under.  He was not very happy. 
All in all it was a wonderful experience despite the terrified look on his face in this picture.  Looking forward to Tuesday and Thursday mornings for the next six weeks.

Bubby was exhausted after his eventful morning.  A great nap time will be an additional plus to this homeschool group.

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