Tuesday, August 26, 2014


Took the kids to the fountain at the local park.
Sissy just stood there for a while staring at the fountain with a big ole smile on her face.
I think she was thankful that we took her there....especially on as such a hot day as it was.
Testing the water.  Gotta love the lil fountain on top of her head as well. 
Bubby being silly.
Another lil boy came about that time and started playing in the fountain too. 
He was great with the kids and knew only to spray Bubby and not Sissy.
Sissy's favorite part of the fountain was simply running around and around in circles.
And then she would stop and let out a loud scream.
It isn't easy to get either kid to slow down long enough to get a smile.  You should've seen Mr. G and me running around like fools trying to get a picture of these two.  When it was all said and done I think I was almost as wet as the kids.  I'm just a freak about pictures I guess.

What a goofball.
No offense lil boy in the back....but I finally got Bubby to sit and smile for a picture...kinda wish you weren't in the background.
Scratch that....I REALLY wish you weren't in the background.  This would've been such a neat picture.  Oh well.
Love the excitement on her face.  Just know she was probably letting out one of her screams at this point.
Showing me how wet he is.  He was loving the water.
Is getting braver and braver.
So is this one.  She's almost to the top.  And with that kid in there I'm guessing she's gonna end up getting accidentally sprayed.
Uh....not sure what that face was for.
Getting sprayed....
Which resulted in a lil bit of a cry.
All better....back to making her rounds.
And stopping to scream.
Attempt at a sibling picture.... didn't work.
Trying to get Sissy to say "Cheese."
There we go.  I love her "Cheese" face.
Action shot.
Almost to the top.  Getting brave.
This sibling picture worked out well.  Glad you can't see Mr. G standing behind me making all those funny faces.  But whatever works.
LOVE that they LOVE each other!!!!
And LOVE making memories like this.  It was fun day.

I was able to do a lil video so you can see the kids in action.

Kids at the Fountain Video

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