Thursday, August 28, 2014

Gym Rats

Headed to the gym. 
Got her basketball clothes and shoes on and she's ready....
To hoop it up.
Big bro is standing back watching his daddy shooting around.
Didn't take long for all three to be out there running around and having a blast.
Bubby for two!!
This boy was in ball heaven.
On the run.
And this lil cutie was content being the....
Floor general.
Love smiles like that.
Sissy stole the ball.
She wanted so badly to shoot the ball....just didn't quite have the strength to make it go very far.
Working on his dribbling skills.
After all that hard work we needed a lil hydration.

Sissy thought the water fountain was funny but wasn't wanting to stick her mouth in it.
I have a feeling on daddy's day off we will be spending lots of time in the gym.  Mr. G and Mrs. G were both gym rats growing up so my guess these two will be gym rats too.

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