Monday, September 6, 2010

Floor Troubles

Well...most of you know that we have been working on a home renovation since June. You also know how long we waited to get our floors put in and how dramatic I was once they were finally in. I even have a blog dedicated to all the exciting things that will someday happen on our new floors. Well, we just found out that our new floors are defective and the company is going to send us a new floor.
All that work, all that time is gone, but there is a bright side. We enjoyed putting the floors in even if we will never use them. Also, the floor color that we had chosen is darker than we really like. It is beautiful but it shows too much dirt so we are getting a second chance to get the color right, and we are going to go lighter this time.
I am talking as if everything is already decided, when actually it isn't. The company is suppose to be sending a man out to look at our floors to make sure we aren't lying to them. He called me last Tuesday and left a message. I called him and left a message and haven't heard from him since. So, until he comes to our house to inspect the floors they won't order the new floors. Basically, we have a lot of waiting to do. I am hoping that in a month we will have all the floors done, but when we first started this project my dad jokingly said that we would be done by Christmas, and now I am starting to wonder if he will be right.

So that you have a chance to say a proper good bye to our floors I am leaving you with a video of Mr. G rolling the floors the first night we got them. You will also see our painted fireplace in the video and hear our crazy dogs in the background. It isn't a very interesting video...but it is appropriate for our good bye. Just in case, grab a Kleenex because good bye's are never easy.

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