Thursday, September 2, 2010

Cone Heads

I was beginning to worry that by reading all the posts on my blog you would think that I have a normal family, and you would be very wrong. We are no where near normal and I am reminded of that every day with my darling husband. Here he is with our brother-in-law last Christmas. Now most men probably discuss sports or politics or food at Christmas time, but not my family. Just imagine the conversation before this picture was taken.
"Hey man, look at those silver cones."
"Yeah...those look funny."
"I wonder if it will fit on my head."
"I don't know, maybe we should try them on."
"Cool...Mine fits perfect."
"Heeeyyyy, I can't see.....Who turned out the lights?"
"Haha...we look funny! Someone take our picture."

Both of these men are very smart and work at very important jobs. They have been through college and passed with flying colors. They understand the most complicated things about cars, televisions, and cell phones. They both have even installed new light fixtures and have attempted ceiling fans (Note: One caught the ceiling on fire while trying). They are very smart but what catches their eye is the shiny silver cones and they feel they have no choice but to try it on for a hat.

I suppose we should look at them as God looks at them...Special. They are both God-fearing, Bible-reading, church-going, disciples of God and that truly does make them special and I am proud to call them family even though they aren't exactly normal.

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