Thursday, September 16, 2010

One Special Lil Boy

Meet my first nephew...which makes him my favorite and number 1 nephew. He has already won over my heart. Isn't it amazing how you can love someone before you even meet them. Once my sister-in-law's belly started growing I was already in love with this lil boy.

His Nana and Gampa were the same way. Nana was busy around the house but I was able to snap a few photos with Gampa and his lil man.

Um....I know this thing I keep flashing in your face is a bit weird but you will get used to are just too cute not to take pictures. Look at those big confused blue eyes....Precious. you are happy. It is probably that prickly feeling you are getting on your face from Gampa's beard. The kiddos always love that beard.

Uh...Aunt RoRo...would you mind leaving me and Gampa alone...we are trying to talk baseball here.

And here is Grandma with her great grandson. You can tell she has raised 5 kids because he was perfectly content in her arms.

There is something special about a great grandma...and I think this lil guy is learning that early on. If this lil guy gets any bigger he might be too much for grandma to hold. Before we know it he will be graduating high school and going off to college. That is 18 years away and my eyes are already watering just from the thought of it.'s the lil man here....before you go I just wanted to make a silly face to make you laugh...I have been practicing this face since this morning, which is basically most of my life.
Have I said lately just how much I love being an aunt......God is good!!!

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