Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Cloth Diapers

Growing up the thought of cloth diapering would have grossed me out, but once I was pregnant with Baby G I started getting interested in them. I did a ton of research and saw that they would easily save us thousands of dollars and cloth diapers today are much easier and much cuter then the ones my mom used 30 years ago. Then there was the question of which brand do I buy. I didn't have a lot of money at the time to spend on the initial cost of the diapers, but I didn't want to buy something cheap that wouldn't hold up or that would leak every time Baby G went to the bathroom. So I did a lot more research. I looked at peoples blogs, I talked to moms who had cloth diapered, and I shopped around. Finally, I found the perfect diapers for me. They are called Sunbaby and they have been a dream. They aren't too bulky, they hold up really well, they weren't very expensive, and they hardly ever leak. The price was extremely good, plus my grandma paid for half of them, so Mr. G and I know that we have already started saving money on this deal. We have yet to buy diapers. We use disposable when we will be out of the house a while, but we haven't used very many so the diapers I received from friends and family at showers has been all we've needed so far. I was also amazed at how easy they were to use.
This is my dirty bin of diapers. It has a reusable/washable liner which is really nice. When I am ready to wash the diapers I take the bin into the washroom.
These are called "pocket" diapers so the next step is to take the inserts out so you can wash them separately then throw them both in the washer. You then want to wash your hands really good. I tried to take a picture of that step but it didn't work out very well.
You have to be careful what type of detergent you use because the wrong type will cause a build up in your diapers and your diaper will start to leak. I got this detergent at a Cotton Babies store over by St. Louis before Baby G was born. The good thing is you don't have to use much of the detergent so I am only about half way through the bottle. When you are ready to wash you first want to do a rinse cycle with no detergent in cold water to get all the gunk out of there. Then I wash with detergent and I will again finish with a rinse to make sure there is no residue left over so there will be less chance of them leaking.
When they are done I will take them outside to hang up on the clothes line.
On my way out there I saw a toad and snapped a quick picture. The lil fellow is hard to see. I think it's that camouflage thing he has going.
It doesn't take but just a minute to get them all hung up.
The neat thing about hanging them out in the sun is that the sun takes all the stains out.

It's kind of hard to see, but there are stains on both of these inserts.
But after they had been in the sun for a few hours the stains are gone. Amazing!
When they are dry I take them in and put the inserts back in the diapers so they are ready to use when Baby G needs them.
Then I put them in their basket under the changing table for easy access.
They come in all colors and designs. I tried to get colors that could work for a boy or a girl in hopes that I will be able to use these with any future kids God blesses us with.

And if you are curious whether this lil guy likes the cloth diapers or not...

Trust me when I say....He does. Here he is in one of the mint green diapers that is full and in need of a change. He seems to be perfectly content, though. In fact, I think he is playing superman.
This is after the change. We tried a brown one this time. He is still happy and ready to take on the day.

Even if that means a little tummy time.


Tethered Heather (HomemadeMom) said...

I've used cloth for years! I hadn't heard if sunbaby. I'd been referring people to Kawaii cloth diapers, but these are cheaper! I may have to get some! You can totally cloth away from home. You just need a few wetbags and that's it! Do you have a diaper sprayer yet? Gotta get one of those!

Mrs. G said...

I haven't gotten a sprayer yet....haven't needed it too much but it could be in our near future. I have cloth diapered away from home and it has worked fine...but we have received so many disposable diapers from our baby showers that I thought I would use them while we are out. Do you use cloth wipes?