Monday, January 7, 2013

Christmas & More...

This time of year seems to be the hardest for me to keep up with my blogs.  I have no good excuse.  With Baby G running around there is always plenty to blog on, but I have let myself get behind.  Here's a recap of the last 2 weeks.
Christmas started early.  December 22 was our first family gathering at my dad's side of the family.
 Baby G enjoyed playing on the stairs with his cousins....

 While the adults enjoyed good food and talking about Christmas' past.

 Mozzie and Papa Jim enjoyed lots of good presents from all the kids.
 Things like pictures and....


 And it's just not Christmas without playing cards.

 Unfortunately, before the night was over Baby G found the dessert table and kept grabbing cookies.  He would only eat the chocolate kiss out of the cookie though proving he is a chocolate lover much like his mom and dad.

 Our next stop was December 23 for Mr. G's mom's side of the family Christmas.

 Which meant Baby G had two cousins exactly his age to play with.
 And much of their time playing was spent going up and down the stairs.
 "Aren't ya coming???"

 Looks like one of them found where they keep the hats.
 In fact...I don't think I remember him taking that hat off for the rest of the day.

 They had some big plants off in one corner and Baby G enjoyed hiding behind them.

 It was so much fun watching the kids play and enjoying time with family.
 Our next Christmas gathering was Christmas Eve at Grandma and Papa's house up north.

 Looks like I wasn't the only one ready to take pictures.
 Baby G first opened his stocking where he found lots of goodies....

  Then we moved on to the big stuff.  Baby G became a pro at tearing wrapping paper.

 Waiting patiently to open more presents.

 Baby G enjoyed showing Papa the neat present he got.
 Time to open more...
 Grandma worked to get the toy out of the box while Baby G watched as patiently as he could.

 A Thomas book....we will enjoy reading that.

 Getting dad's help on this one.
 This was one of Baby G's favorite toys.
 A sheep in one hand, the other hand opening the next present, and a cousin keeping a close watch.

 Then it was time for Grandma and Papa to open up presents.

 Asking Baby G if he knew who that was in the picture.

 Baby G gave his cousin a lil Mickey Mouse figurine for Christmas but he wasn't quite ready to part with it.

 Baby G telling Grandma all about it.

 The lil stinker....after all the toys he got Baby G took my phone and hid under the table to play with it.

 I'd say the boys ended up doing pretty dog-on good....especially with it only being Christmas Eve.
 We tried for a quick group shot but we just can't ever seem to get everybody looking at the same time....

 Or not eating...
 Hope you enjoyed that cracker Baby G.
After opening presents and eating dinner at Grandma and Papa's house we then headed to their church for a Christmas Eve service.

 Baby G enjoyed some coloring pages during the service.

 And sang along with Grandma and Elmo during the song service.
After the church service we then headed home.
Baby G was tuckered out.
 When we got home Mr. G and I wrapped a few presents and set up the living room the way we wanted it when Baby G woke up in the morning.

 Finally it was Christmas morning and we let Baby G open his stocking first while we were all still in bed.

 When Baby G ran into the living room and saw all the toys the first thing he wanted to do was climb into his Thomas tent....
 So that is.....
 Exactly what he did.

 We showed him his new cars...
 Oh....looks like we're back in the tent.
 Then we opened up...
 His talking barbequ grill.
 He was excited to see he also got a Mickey Mouse figurine for Christmas.  How did Santa know?
 Are you tired of seeing Baby G opening up presents yet???
 A Percy flashlight.
 Looks like he's heading back to the tent again.

 Walking around with his Mickey Mouse and Pluto in hand.

 What a fun Christmas morning.
And finally our last Christmas stop was at Nana and Gampa's house.

 Looks like Baby G loves his new Thomas rocking chair.
 Getting a closer look to make sure it really is Thomas.
 Yep!  It is definitely Thomas.
 My nephew got a big work bench so Baby G enjoyed playing with it too.

 But that was okay because my nephew rode around on Baby G's new motorcycle bike.  They are both just really good about sharing.  Or they aren't really sure yet who's toy is who's.
 Now Baby G gets a turn.
 Looks like we'll have to teach him how to peddle since he would hold on and just walk around with it.
 The older ones are now checking out to see what they got.
 But they were just as excited as the boys.  Especially since they both got brand new American Girl Dolls.

 Baby G finally sat down to open some presents.
 You hold it, Mama, and I'll tear the paper.
 It worked.  Hey....I didn't even realize that dog was stuck between my arm....that's strange.
 Not looking at the camera but at least he's smiling.
 Baby G playing with is new truck.
 Moving on to more...
 And more....
 Baby G got a new Thomas potty.
 Looks like he knows how to use it.

 My final Christmas picture is of the two boys sitting in their Thomas chairs.  I think these are two happy lil boys!!!
 We ended Christmas Day with our traditional trip to the Chinese food restaurant and then a movie with Nana and Gampa.
 The next few days we were blessed with snow but none prettier then the night of December 28.  The snowflakes were as big and fluffy as I ever remember seeing them.
 So of course we ran outside to show Baby G...
 And to take pictures.
 Daddy was trying to show Baby G how to catch snowflakes on his tongue.
 Love this picture!!!!
The holiday season didn't end there for us.  On New Year's Eve night we were blessed with a terrible flu that hit our whole family except for Baby G.  It was a wonderful way to finish out the year and led to an even better way to enter the new year with spending most of the day in the ER getting fluids.  We are excited that we are over the flu now and pray that we never get it again.  But we are most thankful that Baby G was able to stay clear from it.
Even though I am way behind in saying it.....Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!!!

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